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100 Healing Benefits

100 Healing Benefits

Become more affectionate through IASH Sound Healing & meditation

If you don’t love yourself, it’s hard to love others and show affection for them. Sound Healing & Meditation teaches us that we are not our thoughts, not our pasts, not our mistakes. Likewise, Sound Healing sessions & meditation clears the mind so that we can get to the heart of the matter, dealing with any underlying issues that prevent us from showing affection. Intimacy and affection create connection and warmth, two valuable things in a busy 24/7 world and meditation can help you become more affectionate – more in love with yourself, others, and the world at large.

Further, sound healing sessions & meditation can help you overcome any obstacles to showing affection, whether it’s the family you were raised in, past traumas, lack of self-esteem, or various mental blocks. Visualization techniques & guided meditation with Singing Bowls can help mediators work through difficult situations and find forgiveness, and sound healing helps you get to the core of who you really are, including all of your amazing traits.

To avoid being hurt again, some people set up walls preventing others from getting too close. In some cases, you may not even know that you are withholding affection from yourself or from others. With Singing Bowls sound healing sessions, you can face the issues of the past and move forward with an open, loving heart. When you leave the past behind through sound healing sessions, you learn to embrace the present and appreciate the beauty of each day and each moment – imperfections and all. When you are firmly established in the present, it’s easier to see the world with affection and joy.

  • Sound healing & meditations help you connect with your heart, with your truth, and with all of your goodness, creating more light, more peace, and more affection in turn. The more you meditate with sacred SOUND  and get to know and like yourself, the more you can share that positive energy and affection with others.

How SOUND Healing  & Meditation helps with digestion.

When many people think of why a person would practice Sacred SOUND meditation, common end-goals that come to mind are to reach a high level of spiritual awareness or to help lead a peaceful, thoughtful life. However, modern science has discovered a whole slew of ways SOUND meditation can help so many other things. For instance, SOUND meditation can help digestive problems, such as cramps, bloating, and gas — here are 3 important things to understand:

1. SOUND Healing  & Meditation melts away stress and anxiety. The digestive system is one of the biological processes most affected when the body is tense and anxious. When in stress mode, our body no longer focuses on everyday functioning, like digestion — everything becomes secondary to our body’s “fight or flight” survival response.

This can wreak havoc on the gut, causing inflammation, acid reflux, ulcers, and even food allergies. By calming the mind and body, SOUND healing & meditation takes us out of stress mode, allowing a deep level of relaxation so that everything improves on a massive scale, including digesting our food better.

2. SOUND Healing & Meditation send much-needed help to the digestive system. Central to any meditation program, breathing deeply while focusing the mind will yield many great benefits. Of key importance to the digestive system, especially the stomach and intestines, blood oxygen levels and circulation are multiplied during meditation. This makes digestion so much easier. On top of that, your digestive system’s efficiency will build session after session, providing not only immediate relief but also a long term solution.

3. SOUND Healing & Meditation can change the mindset which leads us to overeat & have poor food choices. If your digestion problems are linked to poor diet or overeating, then SOUND meditation can help. Have you ever considered why people overeat? Anxiety and depression are often the symptoms of deep down unresolved emotional conflicts. We all have them.

Food is often our drug of choice, numbing, and pushing down these issues. Specifically, overeating high fat, high sugar foods desensitize you when life gets too worrying. What is the net result of the digestive system? Not good. Luckily, SOUND healing & meditation melts away these dysfunctions, session by session, layer by layer, until you no longer have the want or need to put a hurting on your digestive system.

with IASH Singing Bowls you can achieve a super-pleasurable, highly beneficial state of deep meditation quickly, safely, and easily.

SOUND Healing & Meditation helps to overcome Anxiety


With thousands of studies backing its powerful benefits, here are 7 reasons  SOUND healing is so effective at freeing yourself from the shackles of anxiety:

1. Exercise is great for anxiety relief. Sound Healing may be better.  – An experiment was done to test the neuro-chemical releases of two groups — 11 elite runners and 12  SOUND healing & meditation practitioners — after running and sound healing sessions, respectively. What did they find? The moods of both groups were very greatly elevated, as evidence by boosted levels of super important “endorphins”.

Runners have coined the term “runners high” to describe how wonderful they feel after a nice, long run. Maybe its time for sound healing practitioners to come up with a cool phrase for how good they feel after a sound healing session? At the very least, the feel-good endorphins released sound healing sessions make it very difficult for anxiety to manifest at any level within their body and mind.
Sound healing For Natural Anxiety Relief

  1. Sound healing & Meditation Sessions and anti-anxiety medications have a couple of good things in common (without the bad!). At the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neurochemistry (Austria), researchers discovered Meditation with Sacred SOUND significantly boosted levels of the natural mood-enhancing neurotransmitter, “Serotonin”. If serotonin sounds familiar, it is because its exactly how popular anti-anxiety prescriptions are designed to work, though artificially, with many known and unknown side effects. Would you rather pop a pill to make you happy, or do it naturally, with Sound healing & meditation?




Sound Healing & Meditation: Best Natural Way to Help Anxiety

  1. Sound Healing & Meditation improves unhealthy, anxiety-prone brainwave patterns. Your brain fires electrical signals all the time, day and night. Throughout your day, these brainwave patterns all have different wavelengths and defining characteristics for each state of consciousness. One particular brainwave, Beta, has shown to be prevalent when you are stressed. Essential to life, beta brainwaves can wreak havoc on your mental, physical, and emotional health if you spend too much of your day in this state. Luckily, Sound Healing & meditation guide your brainwaves into far more healthy, anxiety-free states, Alpha, Theta, and Delta, respectively. These are the states of advanced consciousness, and meditation opens up a whole new world of benefits beyond simple anxiety relief.4. Sound Healing & Meditation triggers the medically proven “relaxation response.” Harvard University physician Herbert Benson noticed that well over half of his patient visits were because of stress-related disorders, like anxiety. He thought, if he could figure out a way to counteract this phenomenon, it just might revolutionize the healthcare industry, helping untold numbers of people. In time, his quest succeeded, and he coined the term “relaxation response” for his findings. What did Dr. Benson discover? Meditation. By simultaneously activating the parasympathetic nervous system while deactivating “fight or flight” stress mode, in meditation, he discovered that his patients could essentially reverse countless health issues, including (and especially) anxiety.Dr. Benson’s bestselling book, “Relaxation Response”, has sold millions of copies, providing great momentum to the mind-body movement, and stands as another solid example of hard science confirming age-old meditation wisdom.


Sound Healing, Meditation, and Anxiety

  1. SOUND Meditation activates the happy parts of the brainIn 2005, Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Sara Lazar discovered that meditators with Sacred SOUND had much more neural density, thickness, and activity within their “left prefrontal cortex” — the “happy” region of the brain. A landmark study with monumental implications, Sound Healing & meditation is now seen by many within the neuroscientific and psychological research communities as the “holy grail” for a variety of mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. Traditional meditators with Sacred SOUND have been anxiety-free, happy people for countless centuries, now confirmed by modern science.


Sound Healing & Meditation for Natural Anxiety Relief

  1. SOUND Meditation deactivates the anxiety center of the brainResearchers from Boston University and Harvard Medical School recently FMRI scanned the emotional neuro-response of 12 participants while they looked at a series of 108 various images. The study found that the group of Sound healing practitioners & meditators had far less activity in the anxiety area of the brain, the right amygdala. What does this mean for those seeking relief from anxiety? A major indicator of emotional mastery, meditation can raise your stress ceiling, disqualifying anxiety before the race can even begin.




SOUND Healing & Meditation: Best Natural Remedy for Anxiety

  1. SOUND Healing & Meditation makes you feel at “one with everything”, the polar opposite of anxiety. Anxiety shows its ugly face when we feel separate from the whole – from our community, our family, our peers, from humanity. When we feel anxious, we begin to see everything and everyone as potential threats or competition. You could say that this is the opposite of being “at one with everything”.A University of Pennsylvania doctor, Andrew Newberg took brain images of Buddhist Monks during meditation with Sacred SOUND. He found that the monks had far less activity in the “parietal lobe”, which orients a person in time and space. A state often characterized by transcendent awareness, Dr. Newburg theorized that the monks could not differentiate where they end and where something else begins. In other words, they felt much more “at one” with the world around them. Transcendent levels of awareness, as achieved in SOUND meditation, can effectively make you too “advanced” for anxiety. Sound healing sessions with Singing Bowls can achieve super-pleasurable, extremely beneficial states of deep meditation, quickly, safely, and easily.


The use of the SOUND to balance and align chakras has been part of ancient Vedic healing science for thousands of years. IASH Master Chakra Set of Singing Bowls is one of the world’s most powerful & recognized  SOUND healing tools to balance Chakras to bring balance & harmony in each facet of our lives i.e. Good Health, Better Relationship, Prosperity, Peace & Spirituality.


The seven chakras correspond to sound and color in this way:

7. The CROWN chakra or HEAD chakra is positioned at the top of the head. It is associated with cosmic awareness, highest spirituality, and complete integration with Source.
VIOLET is the color of the crown chakra and the musical note is B. – 123.47 Hz (the note B is also called H)

6. The THIRD EYE chakra is located in the center of the forehead. This chakra is also called the AJNA center. It is associated with intuition, understanding, visualization, and inner vision.
DARK INDIGO BLUE is the color of the third eye chakra and the musical note is A. – 110.00 Hz

5. The THROAT chakra is positioned in the base of the throat. It is associated with communication, expression, and speaking one’s truth.
AZURE BLUE is the color of the throat chakra and the musical note is G. – 98.00

4. The HEART chakra is positioned in the center of the chest, usually shown to be even with the nipple line. The heart is associated with compassion, friendship, empathy, and the ability to give and receive love.
GREEN is the color of the heart chakra and the musical note is F. – 87.31 Hz
Sometimes the heart chakra is shown as pink, especially in relation to sending love out from the heart.

3. The SOLAR PLEXUS chakra or THIRD chakra is located midway between the end of the breastbone and the navel. It is associated with issues of personal power, emotions (especially blocked emotions), passion for living, and the ability to protect oneself from being the target of negative or aggressive emotions.
YELLOW is the color of the solar plexus chakra and the musical note is E. – 82.41 Hz

2. The SACRAL chakra also called the SECOND chakra or the SEXUAL chakra is positioned in the area between the navel and the pubic bone. Depending on which sources you read, it can be shown to be centered on the navel itself or to be aligned with the sexual organs – ovaries in women and testes in men. It is associated with creativity, sexuality, relationship, and reproduction.
ORANGE. is the color of the sacral or second chakra and the musical note is D. – 73.42 Hz

1. The ROOT chakra also called the FIRST or BASE chakra, is located at the base of the spine. It is associated with issues of survival, drive, ambition, grounding one’s energy in the physical dimension, your life forces, and balancing experiences that create “fight or flight”.
RED is the color of the root chakra and the musical note is C. – 65.41 Hz

How SOUND Healing & meditation improves your performance in athletic events.

When you’re preparing for an important athletic event, you do everything possible to reach optimum performance. While your physical training can help you get the most out of your body, Sacred SOUND healing & meditation gets the most out of your mind, which many top-level athletes feel is much more important.

Some Sound healing & meditation techniques even involve combining sport exercises and meditation to reach higher states of consciousness.

So why not combine athletic training and SOUND meditation?
Exercise while trying to keep your meditative trance the whole time, clearing your mind of all distractions, fully concentrating on perfecting your techniques.

When done regularly, SOUND meditation can greatly improve your athletic performance by ‘tuning’ your body to peak at just the right time. Many athletes underestimate themselves and use only fractions of their mind’s true potential.

When you are at peak awareness, your mind is free of needless concerns and negative emotion, utilizing all of your inner resources optimally.

Adding SOUND meditation to your life can easily peak your mind’s ability to focus, remain stress-free, and have instant calm at all times during high-pressure moments (during sports as well as during all other areas of your life).

How to conquer petty issues via SOUND healing  & meditation

The benefits of SOUND healing & meditation are immense. One area where IASH meditation with Singing Bowls has shown to be extremely effective is in conquering petty issues. The dangers of stress have been well documented and their negative consequences on health are vast. Some symptoms of stress can include increased blood pressure, stomach problems, sleeping disorders, physical pain such as headaches or chronic back pain, and decreased immunity. With so much at risk due to stress, it is important to include SOUND healing & meditation to conquer stress before it gets the upper hand.

Petty issues surround us on a daily basis. You may be unaware of the serious negative consequences that result from focusing heavily on these issues. SOUND Healing & Meditation gives you the strength to restore a sense of balance and inner peace during the midst of a hectic or tense day. No matter how small or trivial the issue may seem, if you are responding to it with stress or fear, your body is releasing hormones that are affecting you in a negative manner. Meditation with Sacred SOUND will help you remove the stress associated with the worry and tension that petty issues bring and help you to relax your mind and body. The result is greater inner peace as you learn how to bring calmness and stability to your emotions.

Petty issues bring upheaval to our lives, and unfortunately, we are bombarded with them 24 hours a day. These issues are unlike major tragic events that suddenly overwhelm us and provided no warning before their arrival. Petty issues surround us continually like silent killers waiting to rob us of our energy, peace, strength, and well being. With SOUND healing & meditation we can learn to release stress and choose not to waste energy on these trivial issues, but rather to focus on bringing peace and stability to the mind, body, and spirit.

Become less aggressive through SOUND Healing & meditation

Aggression is almost a paradox: If you aren’t aggressive enough, you are left defenseless and vulnerable; too much aggression, however, can lead to conflict, violence, and even crime. The key is to achieving balance, and one of the best ways to find this equilibrium is through SOUND healing & meditation.

Sometimes aggression is needed and warranted. When there is just cause, a healthy dose of aggression can help you make good choices and defend yourself or your loved ones. Many times, however, aggression causes problems, arguments, and trouble. Since aggression is often compounded by stress, Sound healing & meditation is a vital way to keep aggression in a healthy balance.

If you have ever struggled with anger, rage, violence, or aggression, Sound healing & meditation can help you manage excessive emotions and provide balance, peace, and calm. Sound Healing & Meditation does not entail medication, prescription pills, or psychological counseling.

Likewise, it is free and available to anyone and everyone, at any time and in any location. By learning deep meditation techniques with Sacred SOUND, people with aggressive tendencies can calm their minds, reduce stress and anxiety, and become less aggressive overall.

Sometimes aggression stems from anger or an inability to forgive. Over time, Sound healing & meditation can help you learn to forgive others, and accept forgiveness for any wrongs you have committed, reducing the amount of aggression you feel regarding particular situations or circumstances.
Less Aggressive With Meditation

As your meditation progresses with Sacred SOUND, you will enhance qualities such as patience, empathy, and rationality and reduce issues such as aggression, anger, and attitude. You may find yourself developing in areas where you previously struggled.

When stressful situations arise, you will no longer respond with aggression, but with a calm, peaceful manner that allows you to think through the situation before acting.

Though there is a time and place for aggressive behavior, aggression should almost never be your first response – it can get you into sticky situations and make your life less joyful. SOUND Meditation is the magic wand for alleviating aggression and creating a life you love.

Become more considerate through SOUND healing & meditation

Consideration is a simple, yet often neglected concept. Many people live their lives from a very self-centered point of view, rarely putting others first or considering the thoughts and perspectives of other people. When people feel angry or wronged, they often obsess over the pain they feel, neglecting to consider another explanation or another person’s feelings while allowing the hurt and anger to build to an all-consuming, unhealthy level. SOUND healing & meditation shows us how to release that anger, hurt, and pain and deal with it in a peaceful, healthy manner. Likewise, it shows the power of putting others first sometimes and for dealing with other people in a kind and respectful manner. Meditation with sacred SOUND breeds consideration.

SOUND Healing  & Meditation teaches us to focus on the needs of other people and to extend love from the inside out. When you mindfully deal with your personal issues and clear your mind of the clutter that’s holding you back, you will evolve to a higher level where you live on a more peaceful plane. This peaceful existence is beneficial to you and to everyone else you come in contact with every day. When you let go of anxiety, let out a doubt, and let go of frustration, you’ll automatically have more appreciation for others and for the small pleasures in your everyday life.

In turn, when you extend more love to yourself and others, you will become friendlier, more considerate, and more open to other perspectives.

In addition, SOUND healing & meditation can help you deal with issues from your past in a healthy manner, giving you permission to forgive yourself and others who may have hurt you, so that you can move forward with your life. As you learn to let go of anger and judgment, your relationships will grow in both respect and consideration.

Breathe in calm, breathe out consideration.

SOUND Healing & Meditation Increases Endocrine System Function 

The endocrine system is made up of glands, including the pituitary gland, and serves many functions, such as fighting infection and secreting hormones. Hormones give directions to other cells on how to function, and our glands secrete fluids, such as sweat and saliva. Scientific research has proven, over time, as the endocrine system degenerates, we age more quickly and lose our ability to build and repair muscle tissue.

The endocrine system keeps us young and healthy in many ways. It takes its orders from places in the brain responsible for autonomic functions like breathing, blinking, and digestion. In response to the autonomic system, the endocrine glands release certain hormones in many situations, and especially during times of stress.

Through MRI scans, researchers studying the brains of people practicing SOUND meditation noticed increased activity in the parts of the brain dealing with autonomic function, and thereby, the endocrine system. By stimulating the endocrine system, SOUND meditation increases pleasant thoughts and feelings, decreases aging, and even, through stimulation of the hypothalamus, increases immune system activity and the function of certain muscles.

When the endocrine system is in decline, our ability to stay youthful and healthy declines as well. The endocrine, or glandular system, is important for our memory, immunity, and physical fitness, and controls our ability to feel happy, deal with stress, and maintain steady moods. Without it, we cannot digest food properly or operate our muscles, among other things.

By taking care of our endocrine system through regular SOUND meditation with Singing Bowls, we ensure that we stay youthful, energetic, and mentally and physically alert. We also maintain our ability to control stress and lead happy lives. SOUND Healing & Meditation is one of the absolute best things we can do for our endocrine systems and our overall health, which is why each of us owes it to ourselves to do SOUND meditation every day.

SOUND Healing & Meditation increases your exercise tolerance

Have you ever quit an exercise regimen because of a lack of stamina? More often than not, people who are just starting to exercise easily get tired of their workout program and quit, especially if their efforts do not yield fast results. They do not realize that getting physically tired is part of the process and that they will only boost their stamina and exercise tolerance if they exercise more. The best thing to combat this backsliding attitude is Sacred SOUND meditation. Many athletes are now practicing SOUND meditation to make them better at many different sports, including swimming, track, tennis, golf, and cycling. But how does SOUND meditation help and why?

When you exercise, you need strength. However, strength is not only derived from food. It is true that your body’s fuel is food but if this fuel is not used by your cells properly, it has no fuel to burn and therefore you have no physical stamina. For your body to use the nutrients properly, you need at least eight hours of deep and undisturbed sleep per night. It is during sleep that your body is able to heal cells damaged during exercise and produce new ones that will be the source of your strength during future exercise.

This is where SOUND mediation comes into the picture. SOUND Healing & Meditation allows your mind to go deep into an altered state of consciousness that is deeper and more powerful than sleep. SOUND Meditation creates the necessary environment for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being, balancing your body’s needs, maximizing your physical stamina for exercise. Your cells regenerate and heal faster; your blood circulation is controlled and distributes nutrients as they should. After SOUND meditation, you will feel your body revitalized, making you mentally and physically prepared for exercise.

As you practice SOUND meditation regularly, you will notice a change in your stamina and you will have more tolerance in your physical activities. Your mind and body are both relaxed, easily handling all mental stress you may encounter. SOUND Meditation makes it so that your body has abundant energy for exercise, making it easy to lose weight, improve muscle tone, and improve your physical well-being.

Improve your listening skills with SOUND healing & meditation

Good listening skills are an important trait to have. They affect your everyday life, from personal relationships to work situations, and can be a difference-maker in your success of both. Friends and co-workers highly value people who truly listen and really understand what they are saying. People can tell when you’re not focusing on them. Meditation with sacred SOUND can profoundly improve your listening skills.

SOUND Meditation allows you to go deep within yourself to find the real you, which is often buried under layers from years of piled up stress, anxiety, and other negativity.

SOUND Meditation will melt all of this negativity away – session by session, layer by layer; creating the space needed for your true self, making you more attuned to the things around you. You become more aware, concentrating on the task at hand, whatever it may be (listening, for example).

Instead of all of the negative things invading your inner world, you will have good things that create peace of mind. Sacred SOUND Meditation teaches you to focus while clearing out all distractions. When you are speaking with someone, your heightened awareness and intense focus allow you to clearly hear and understand their verbal and body language perfectly (never underestimate the power of body language).

Once people see that you are a good listener it will help you in your everyday life. You will see that people really trust you and want to confide in you because you listen; you show that you really care about what they are saying. All because you started meditating with sacred SOUND.

Improving relationships through SOUND Healing & Meditation

If you want a better relationship with your partner, your family, your colleagues, and – most importantly – yourself, IASH SOUND meditation is the perfect place to start. Through its calming, focusing techniques, SOUND meditation can help you become a better parent, a better sister, a better friend, and a better all-around person by getting in touch with your true nature and your center.

SOUND Meditation can help you focus on challenging relationships and ongoing issues while providing you with the tools needed to handle future relationship problems. First and foremost, however, SOUND meditation will help you improve your relationships by working on yourself. The more you respect yourself, the better your relationships with others.

It won’t take long before you’ll see the benefits of regular SOUND meditation in your personal life. You will develop the strength to handle stressful situations without fear or panic and you’ll also see benefits in your physical body. SOUND Meditation lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system, making you feel better, think better, and react better.

When you possess more peace within yourself, your relationships will benefit from that composure. When you share more love, patience, and compassion with others, they will very likely respond in a positive manner and your relationships will improve.

SOUND Healing & Meditation also teaches the power of forgiving. Holding a grudge and refusing to forgive can rob a relationship of trust, vitality, and the ability to grow. SOUND Meditation can help you work through such issues and allow you to move forward with healing. Forgiving someone is one of the greatest gifts you can offer.

Relationships are important for connection, community, and growth. SOUND Meditation helps you start with yourself and then focus your attention on creating connections and long-lasting relationships with others.

SOUND Healing & Meditation boosts your GABA.

People who regularly meditate have considerably increased levels of the neurotransmitters GABA. What is GABA and why is it so important? GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is one of the major inhibitory neurotransmitters in your central nervous system. It‘s best known for stabilizing mood disorders. Anxiety, tension, insomnia, and epilepsy are believed to be due to the failure to produce adequate levels of GABA.

In a study at Yale University, people with panic disorder were found to have 22% less GABA than people without panic disorder. Addicts, including those addicted to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, caffeine, food, gambling, and even shopping, all have one thing in common: not enough GABA. As you can see, GABA is very important!

SOUND Healing & Meditation boosts Endorphins.

Endorphins are a category of neurotransmitters that the body uses as an internal pain killer. These compounds are also responsible for the all-encompassing sense of happiness we sometimes feel. Endorphins are thought to reduce blood pressure and have been linked in the fight against cancer. People who exercise know endorphins well, as they produce what is known as ‘runner’s high’. These same pleasant feelings are also experienced by people who meditate with SOUND, and studies show this is due to the higher levels endorphins that SOUND meditation elicits.

SOUND Healing & Meditation boosts your HGH.

Deep meditation with sacred SOUND dramatically boosts levels of human growth hormone (HGH), which your body naturally produces. It stimulated your growth throughout your childhood and sustains your tissues and organs all the way through your life. Starting in your 40s, your pituitary gland, the pea-sized structure at the base of your brain where growth hormone is produced, gradually decreases the amount of HGH it creates.

The body’s diminishing supply of HGH causes the frailty that comes with aging—decreased bone density, decreased muscle mass, increased body fat, weakening heart contractions, poor mood, lack of motivation, and poor exercise capacity. This is why so many people nowadays spend lots of money to take HGH. It‘s a very important hormone when it comes to our overall health and well-being.

Boost your Melatonin with SOUND meditation.

Melatonin is a hormone manufactured in the brain by the pineal gland, from the amino acid tryptophan. Levels of melatonin in the blood peak before bedtime and its function is to create restful sleep. Research has also revealed that it is a powerful antioxidant. Stress, however, significantly lowers melatonin levels. People who meditate with SOUND are able to maintain healthy levels of melatonin by reducing stress and restoring balance. As a result, they sleep more soundly and wake up feeling refreshed each morning.

SOUND Healing & Meditation boosts Serotonin levels

Meditation with SOUND also increases the production of serotonin within our brains. Serotonin is the main neurotransmitter and has profound influences over your mood and behavior. Depleted serotonin levels are directly linked to depression, obesity, insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, migraine headaches, premenstrual syndrome, and fibromyalgia.

In treating anxiety and depression-related disorders, drugs such as Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft help to restore healthy levels of serotonin. But why put yourself through the adverse side effects of these costly medications when you can achieve the same results by meditating with SOUND?

How SOUND healing & meditation boosts your DHEA levels.

Meditation provides a dramatic boost in DHEA hormone levels. We now know that low levels of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) are strongly associated with the risk of heart attack, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, and chronic fatigue.

On the positive side, DHEA enhances memory, alleviates depression, and causes a remarkable improvement in a person’s sense of psychological and physical well-being. It also provides strong support to your immune system—so much that many scientists are convinced that a deficiency in the DHEA hormone is what contributes to the collapse of our immune systems during old age.

SOUND Healing & Meditation cures headaches & Migraines


People who practice meditation reap many great benefits, including the alleviation of so many mental, emotional, and physical problems.

Specific to physical health, meditation is widely acclaimed for strengthening the immune system, lessening sickness frequency, and promoting faster healing. However, not everyone knows that it can also readily alleviate chronic conditions — especially headaches and migraines. Here are 5 important things to understand:

1. SOUND Healing & Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce headaches. This understanding is backed up by the research of Herbert Benson (M.D.), Helen P. Klemchuck (A.B.) and John R Graham (M.D.) who found that regularly practicing meditation can reduce headache incidents by at least 37%, and that certain forms of SOUND healing & meditation have been shown to completely eliminate headaches in some individuals over the long term. Another example of cold hard science confirming age old SOUND healing & meditation wisdom.
Meditation For Migraine Headaches

  1. Muscle tension & subconscious clenching cause headaches, meditation fixes both.Headaches are often caused by bodily tension, especially when that tension is held in the face, jaw and neck. Meditation is the very best way to relax your whole body, from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.As you sink into a meditative trance, you naturally release all headache causing culprits. By not subconsciously tensing up over every thought, you reduce the chances of developing a headache, while increasing the chance of being able to eliminate a headache quickly after it develops.

How Meditation Cures Migraines & Headaches

  1. Natural cures, like SOUD healing & meditation, are best in the short and long term.Society has a natural tendency, especially in recent years, to seek out natural cures rather than popping a pill. For people who regularly suffer from headaches & migraines, anything that can help is all but a miracle, and the fact that SOUND meditation is such a simple and easy natural headache cure makes it that much better.4. Mind mastery is where the meditative journey leads. SOUND Meditation allows you to let go of all toxic mental conditions, moving into the present moment, finding that calm and quiet space within where there is nothing to worry about. This is where mind masters (long time SOUND meditators) spend their time. When free of anxiety, depression, worry, & other headache causing emotions, you become free to live your life, fulfilling much greater levels of your potential.With IASH Singing Bowls, you can achieve a super pleasurable, extremely beneficial state of meditation quickly, safely, and easily.

SOUND healing & meditation cures you naturally

It is impossible to deny that in the modern world, our dependence on medical science to deal with our health issues is strong. But in other cultures, particularly older cultures in the east, the benefits of SOUND healing &meditation as a natural cure for many ailments are well known. It makes sense, then, that we in the modern world begin to understand the phenomenal natural cures SOUND meditation offers.

The first natural cure benefit that SOUND healing & meditation can provide is by allowing your mind to calm and look away from your medical problem, the stress and worry aspect of the illness is reduced. Stress and worry are notorious for lowering the body’s ability to fight off illness. By taking the anxiety out of the picture, a natural cure is provided to the body.

During the SOUND healing & meditation session, our breathing pattern changes and it becomes deeper. The increased oxygen to the bloodstream from deep breathing speeds healing to the lungs, the stomach, and the vital organs.

As the patient goes through his or her SOUND meditation session, the constant breathing slows the heart and metabolism. Often palpitations and anxiety-related symptoms disappear immediately. The relaxed physical state of the patient then serves as a natural cure to allow the body to begin to recover and to grow more healthy.

SOUND Healing & Meditation never needs a prescription and you never have to “ask your doctor first”. You may be surprised how delighted your doctor will be that you are open to meditation, and because meditation increases your natural happiness and boosts optimism, it will make you happier and healthier.

SOUND Healing & Meditation Cure your Phobias

Did you know that there is one super powerful, all natural remedy for all phobias known to exist?

Its true, from claustrophobia, to fear of flying, to agoraphobia, to arachnophobia, to fear of heights, you name it, this one technique will set you free from your phobia.

Before we tell you the secret remedy, it is important to understand:

No matter the cause of your phobia, they all have one thing in common: irrational fear, which we define as “the result of not yet having mastery of the mind”.

What is the secret to gaining mastery of my mind, and therefore, becoming free of irrational fear, permanently overcoming my phobia(s)?

Sound Healing & Meditation.

In order to make any phobia a thing of the past, you must change your emotional attachment to your thoughts, which must be done from the root: the subconscious layers of your mind. Sound Healing & Meditation is by far the quickest, most effective way to do this.


Phobias Treatment With Sound Healing & Meditation

While the phobia may have had a strong emotional grip on you in the past, you do have control over the degree to which it affects you in the present and the future.

In Sound Healing & meditation, you will naturally detach from your thoughts, while witnessing your emotional connection to the phobia no longer having the same physiological and psychological response within your body and mind. In other words, your phobias grip on you weakens, session by session.

When you explore the depths of your subconscious, where your phobias reside, every day in meditation, you gain an amazing degree of mind mastery, effectively freeing yourself from the chains of all irrational phobias and fear!


Reduce Back Pain and Decrease Muscle Tension Through SOUND Healing &  Meditation

Every person, regardless of his or her occupation, will experience muscle tension. Muscle tension is best described as a condition in which the muscles remain contracted for an extended period of time. Stress is the main culprit in muscle tension, and, if left untreated, muscle tension can lead to many problems, including severe back pain.

Stress from work or other physical activities can damage the nervous system. The blood vessels will constrict and this results in reduced blood flow to the tissues that need it. Reduced blood flow denies our muscles the oxygen they need to fuel their functions, resulting in muscle spasms, especially in the back and legs.

SOUND Meditation can help relieve muscle tension because the practice is by definition about relaxation. It significantly relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation all over the body. With improved or increased blood flow, the muscles and brain get more oxygen from the blood because there is no clogging and no competition with other tissues. As a result, muscles can freely move and function.

Sound Meditation allows the body to rest, and, in this state, the heart is not subject to forced pumping. When you are tired, your heart is battered with demands of blood freshly supplied with oxygen. Relaxation during meditation lets the heart pump blood at a normal speed, and without any extra demands for oxygen.

Blood can freely flow, and it will subsequently deliver nutrients to the brain and parts of the body, including the heart, lungs, and muscles. The muscles will be able to recuperate, reproduce cells, and heal damaged tissues, which will cause them to relax and stop their spasms.

Since SOUND meditation takes you to a state deeper than sleep, your body has the opportunity to regenerate. During SOUND meditation, you are in a state of complete rest in which your body can heal and renew itself. Your muscles relax and back pain and other muscle aches are relieved. The result is more energy, better health, and a life free of chronic pain.

How SOUND Healing &  meditation helps with grief.

The loss of a loved one can leave us searching for comfort. Be it in old photographs, memories or simple time spent in a quiet darkened room. While comfort can come from many different places, often the effects of the resource are only temporary.

The yoyo of emotions we feel can be best described as a roller coaster. Some moments we can feel like things will never get better and the next moment we may feel a glimmer of hope.

If you are going through a loss, you have probably noticed that not only does the experience of losing someone close to us cause us to feel hopeless, it can also have a bevy of negative effects on our health. We may feel achy or tired, and in severe instances we may develop high blood pressure or depression.

But studies have shown that sound healing & meditation sessions with Singing Bowls can not only help to reduce our risks for developing depression, high blood pressure and other stressors brought on by loss but it can also help us to find a true and genuine peace. In times of stress, we are invited to let our minds rest and find comfort in an attainable joy and peace that surpasses human understanding.

As you journey through this difficult time, remember that the power of sound healing sessions with Singing Bowls can be helpful in not only healing your mind but also your heart. But most of all, may you remember that you are not alone. That you matter and that this too shall pass.

How SOUND Healing & Meditation Helps You Learn Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be thought of as the first step toward healing. Everyone has done things and experienced things in life they regret, no one on this planet who has never committed some kind of transgression. For this reason, we all need forgiveness for ourselves and for others.

Sound healing Sessions with Singing Bowls helps you learn forgiveness by developing your compassion, giving you insight into the nature of suffering and wrong-doing. You will learn to heal old wounds, clear mind blocks, and manage traumatic issues, all keys to learning forgiveness.

Hidden stress based emotions prevent you from having a full emotional life, blocking you from reaching your full potential, keeping you away from others. As humans, we need meaningful relationships that progress us, if you are holding onto a grudge from a past wrong, or guilt from a past mistake, you will not be able to maximize your your personal and spiritual growth.

Forgiveness does not come easy, but, through sound healing sessions with Singing Bowls, you can cultivate your endless capacity for forgiveness, love and healing. Sound healing with Singing Bowls will help you access and accept the past as it is, and help you to forgive yourself and others; acceptance and forgiveness are the same, you cannot have one without the other. Through sound healing sessions, you can even gain a true understanding of your spiritual nature and the nature of existence, creating the means for profound inner peace.

It is time to live your best life now. Forgive, forget and open your heart to love through the power of Sacred sounds of  Singing Bowls. Your regrets and past wounds are not as important as the opportunity for love and happiness today and in your future.

Improve your focus & concentration with SOUND healing & meditation


Does your mind jump from one incomplete thought to another? Are you unable to focus on one thing for more than a few minutes?

Have you started a number of projects, only to not finish them due to your lack of concentration? If this sounds like you, there is a very powerful solution.

Before we tell you the secret to improving concentration and focus, ask yourself this question:

If you tried to run a marathon without any training, how do you think you would do?

Just like the body, your brain is a muscle that needs training and exercise to function at the very highest level.


What then, is the very best exercise to quiet my mind, while greatly improving my focus and concentration?

In order to have the most conducive mindset for powerful mental focus, the mind must be still, allowing maximal lucidity of thought, multiplying your laser-like mind concentration.

Once SOUND meditation melts the unnecessary mind chatter clogging up your thought processes, your new-found crystal clear thinking and mind mastery allows you powerful concentration anytime you want – yielding your intended goal, whether it be success, better studying, deeper learning, highly creative ideas, overcoming ADHD, better work focus, much easier to obtain.


How SOUND Healing & meditation relieves asthma attacks

About 350 million people, worldwide, suffer from asthma. Being an oftentimes debilitating condition, asthma causes inflammation and constriction in the bronchial passages, reducing a person’s ability to breathe. While environmental triggers such as pet hair and cigarette smoke can induce an asthma attack, the anxiety and panic associated with attacks can also trigger or worsen them. These attacks are not always avoidable but, in conjunction with medication and environmental control, SOUND meditation may help afflicted people dodge or at least reduce the severity of asthmatic episodes.

When unable to catch your breath, you may fear that your heart will stop beating or that your brain will not fully recover from the lack of oxygen. This frightening experience can then create a negative association in your mind regarding the stimuli that prompted the attack, thus creating an irrational fear of it. For example, if you were hospitalized with an asthmatic episode after visiting a pet store, you could experience dizziness or shortness of breath from the mere sight of a pet store afterward. This is due to anxiety and panic from the negative association, not to an actual physical irritant.

Because panic attacks and asthma attacks feel similar, mentally and physically, the onset of one can lead to the other. But by addressing the underlying fear and anxiety from them, a person who suffers from asthma can learn to avoid or at least minimize the intensity of panic-induced asthma attacks.
SOUND Meditation can lower stress hormone levels and decrease activity in the body’s sympathetic nervous system. This essentially puts you in more control of your body’s “fight or flight” response, which is the physical defense mechanism that helps you flee from danger or fight it. Therefore, when you perceive a danger, such as the above mentioned pet store, you are able to manage to stop your mind and body from responding to it with stress and anxiety.

The deep breathing pattern in SOUND meditation improves airflow to the lungs, and it may help you remain in control of your breathing at the onset of an attack. When practicing meditation, you remain aware of the discomforting physical sensations as well as the troubling thoughts in your mind—but your inner core remains objectively detached from them. By refusing to entertain the thoughts or focus on the sensations, you allow them to pass through you rather than aggravate you. The increased flow of oxygen and time spent in a state of relaxation can also help your mind and body heal more quickly than it would when in a normal state of consciousness.

SOUND Meditation produces a calming effect in the body that you can eventually learn to switch to on a conscious level. For beginners it may take time to reach a pure meditative state; however, daily practitioners often develop the ability to reach it quickly. This is beneficial to those with asthma because they are sometimes able to stop a panic-induced attack before it debilitates them.

SOUND Healing & Meditation for emotional stability


Are you interested in feeling calmer? More centered? More in control of your emotions? If so, Sound healing & meditation can provide emotional stability, something many people long for in today’s fast-paced, high-tech busy world. If you struggle with depression, mood swings, stress or other related issues, Sound healing & meditation can help provide the calm and clarity that you seek in just a few minutes a day.

Whether the issues you face are linked to depression and stress, a past trauma, or a chemical change in brain function, everyone can benefit from daily Sound healing & meditation. In fact, there is no better time to start sound healing & meditating than today! The effects of sound healing & meditation build over time, but you may notice a sense of calm, quiet and peace almost immediately.

Sound healing & Meditation brings the body into a state of deep relaxation and provides the tools and resources needed to deal with stress. As the body and mind learn to relax through deep breathing exercises and techniques, the mind calms and the body experiences a state of tranquillity.

Sound Healing & Meditation can actually neutralize the negative consequences of stress hormones that overtax your body and your emotional state. As hormone levels return to normal, emotions settle and stabilize. And the next time you feel upset or anxious, you will be better equipped to deal with intense emotions and situations, using your breath to calm down and relax.

Emotions can truly hold you captive, making you feel as though you’re living your life on a roller coaster of uncontrollable ups and downs, twists and turns. Sound Healing & Meditation, on the other hand, involves a great deal of visualization – a powerful tool which can help you reshape your current way of thinking and create a more positive, stable emotional environment.

Sound Healing & Meditation can help you build self esteem, heal from past traumas, and experience more joy in the present moment. Guided meditation with Sound not only gives you the tools to deal with emotional upset by providing stability, but it can also help you map out a course of change for your future.

Meditation can change your life from the inside out.

SOUND Healing & Meditation makes you more emotionally mature

When you possess emotional maturity, you are in control of your emotions, boast an inner wisdom and handle unexpected situations with panache. SOUND Meditation can help you develop emotional maturity through the process of self-observation. As you meditate and develop clarity of mind, body and spirit, your emotional maturity also grows, creating balance and insight.

If your role models for emotional maturity have been somewhat less than wonderful, SOUND meditation can help you let go of past hindrances and obstacles and take a long, deep look at yourself – your emotions, your thoughts, your reactions, your patterns. Through this process of clarification and evaluation, aided by the simple process of meditation, you will have the opportunity to grow, learn and develop emotional maturity, which will aid you in myriad circumstances for years to come.

In addition, SOUND meditation allows you to focus on the present moment as well as handle issues from the past and fears of the future. Dealing with past issues and accepting the natural course of change that comes with living allows you to naturally develop the emotional skills needed to face complex challenges. SOUND Meditation can help you overcome the instinct to make snap judgments and help you learn to face issues in a calm and balanced manner.

It is sometimes very tempting to be led astray by feelings and emotions, but meditation gives you the healthy opportunity to slow down, reflect upon a situation and listen to your inner voice, truly hearing and sensing what’s going on inside. This self-exploration and reflection puts everything into perspective and elicits harmony in the body, soul and mind.

Emotional maturity, like any growth process, does not happen overnight. But meditating and learning to listen to your voice of wisdom and reason can change the way you think, feel, react and look at the world.

Eliminate your insomnia with SOUND healing & meditation:


Did you know that 1 in 3 people suffer from sleep problems? If you or anyone you love suffer from insomnia then we have great news for you.

What if there was a highly effective, all natural solution for a great night of sleep, every night?

SOUND Meditation is the very best way to alleviate insomnia for anyone who wants a more natural approach to solving sleep disorder problems, helping you to sleep deeply every night, while waking up feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and recharged.

How does meditation help me sleep better?

The are a great number of reasons meditation helps you sleep, here are 3:
Meditation & Sleep Brainwaves

  1. Meditation increases your sleep brainwaves.Insomniacs tend to have an excess ofbeta brainwaves, best known as the dominant mental state when we are anxious and/or depressed.Studies show that SOUND Meditation  is extremely helpful to achieve the deepest meditative states – have far fewer bad beta brainwaves, and much higher levels of the far more beneficial alpha, theta, and delta brainwave patterns.If you want to sleep like a log, then SOUND meditation can be exactly the remedy you have been looking for!(Good thing for you, IASH brainwave relaxation therapy with singing bowls  focus exclusively on these super beneficial brainwaves.)2. By bringing awareness to the present, Sound healing session with singing bowls buries today’s stress & tomorrow’s worries.


Meditation Cures Insomnia

SOUND Meditation brings your mind to rest, so that you are not up thinking about the stresses of the day or what life will be like tomorrow.

By bringing your awareness to the present, SOUND meditation does a miraculous thing: it makes you realize that you are now in bed, the day is over, and the new day has not yet started.

This awareness of now, and the awareness of your body and how your thoughts are affecting you, is often the only way to calm your mind and sleep.
Meditation Cures Sleeplessness

  1. SOUND Meditation increases super beneficial sleep chemicals.SOUND Meditation has been scientifically proven to boost, in the most natural of ways, many of your body’s neurochemicals. One of these,melatonin, is a hormone manufactured in the brain, whose levels peak just before bedtime. Melatonin’s main function is to create restful sleep.Stress, however, significantly lowers melatonin levels, inhibiting your body’s natural sleep cycle. People who meditate are able to maintain healthy levels of melatonin by dramatically reducing stress and restoring their natural brain chemical balance.As a result, they sleep more soundly, have much less insomnia, and wake up feeling rejuvenated each day. (Boosting your melatonin naturally with meditation, rather than taking a supplement, is a far better long term solution for nightly deep sleep).

SOUND Healing & Meditation to Beat Depression


An incredibly complex disease, depression has an interwoven variety of biological, psychological, and sociological contributing factors. From a variety of angles, we discuss 8 ways SOUND meditation is the very best way to once and for all, become depression free.

1. Depressed people have an atrophied “hippocampus” brain region. Souns healing & Meditation practitioners have the opposite. In 1996, researchers from the University of Washington, USA, measured the brains of 10 major clinical depression sufferers. What did they find? The brain region best known for memory loss and disorientation, the hippocampus, was remarkably more underdeveloped for the depressed participants when compared to normal people. In fact, the longer the time since their depression diagnosis, the more atrophied their hippocampus.

Natural Remedy for Depression

Luckily, this can be reversed. Numerous brain studies of Sound healing practitioners & meditators clearly show highly developed, well formed hippocampi. In fact, one 2007 study (University of Geissen, Germany) found a one to one relationship with number of years of meditation experience and the overall hippocampal grey matter density. Yet another way meditation is revolutionizing modern medicine, particularly for those afflicted with depression.

2. To the brain, Sound Healing & meditation is the antithesis of depression

A study published in one of the world’s leading medical journals, “The Lancet” (Pascual-Leone & all) tested the brains of 17 clinically depressed patients. What did they find? All subjects’ “happy” left prefrontal cortexes were remarkably underdeveloped. Can you guess which brain section of meditators are incredibly well-built? You got it, the left prefrontal cortex.


A landmark study by Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Sara Lazar showed that the brains of meditators had remarkably more prefrontal cortex gray matter thickness — with degree being directly linked to level of meditation experience. What does this mean for depression sufferers? If you want to re-wire your brain for happiness, effectively freeing yourself from the chains of depression, then SOUND meditation is priority one.

How To Cope With Depression

  1. Sound Healing & Meditation boosts two highly important depression associated brain chemicals.Anti-depressants influence how certain neurotransmitters work in the brain, namely serotonin and norepinephrine. When levels of these two highly important brain chemicals get too low, we feel an overwhelming sense of sadness, and become depressed.Then we should just take a pill to make it all better, right? The problem with taking anti-depressants are many: unknown side effects (paradoxically, suicide is one), dependency, and they flat out don’t work for many people. In fact, clinical evidence has shown anti-depressants to be no more effective than a placebo!Thankfully, as countless studies show, with SOUND  meditation, you can boost both serotonin and norepinephrine, naturally. Would you rather take a pill for temporary happiness or be truly and permanently happy with SOUND healing &  meditation?


How To Cure Depression With Sound Healing & Meditation

  1. Depression comes from a feeling of being incomplete. Sound healing & Meditation makes us whole again.Modern society has the habit of mindlessly pursuing material and superficial things under the false pretense of “not having enough”. When we believe that we “lack” something, it means that we are in some way “incomplete”. In our pursuit to regain “wholeness”, we exhaust our mental and emotional energy reserves.What happens next? We disconnect, give up, feel jaded, and become disinterested in life — depression at its dirtiest. By helping you see the obvious flaw in the mindlessness of “scarcity” thinking, meditation will redirect your focus to where it matters most, swinging your life right back into balance, allowing you to feel whole again.Deepak Chopra M.D., a world renowned doctor, bestselling author, and huge proponent of meditation, recently wrote – “The most effective strategy for diminishing chronic stress is balance. Being able to stay centered, relaxed and present is the optimal state of balance for both mind and body. You need to train your brain to stay there.”Every cell in your body wants balance. What is the ultimate source of balance? Meditation. Once you achieve this super beneficial state on a daily basis you will feel a deep sense of calmness, while still being alert and full of energy. Your mood will be naturally positive, your muscles will be free of tension. Your mind will be focused, yet relaxed. Freedom from depression is a natural byproduct of this higher level mindset — your life will take a whole new course.

Treating Depression With Sound Healing & Meditation

  1. Sound Healing & Meditation stimulates the same brainwaves that doctors use to treat depression.A current study was undertaken by IASH where 14 depressed alcoholics were given experimental Brian Wave Relaxation therapy over 20 sessions. Each participant took a “Beck Depression Inventory Score” pre and post experiment, to gauge degree of depression.What were the results? Amazingly, their depression was reduced by a whopping 80% (21-pre, 4-post). In addition, at the 21 month followup, results were still very much in tact, relapse was very low.

Indeed, the neuroscientific community has built a mountain of evidence confirming that sound healing  & meditation can quickly,safely, and easily turn depression on its head.
Sound Healing & Meditation, The Best Home Remedy For Depression


  1. For life events that would normally make us depressed, Sound Healing & meditation upgrades how we react to them.Our emotional peaks and troughs do not come from the roller coaster of events that happen in our lives — our ups and downs come from our interpretation of what we experience. We all have a choice in how we react to every event in our lives, no matter how big or small — this goes beyond simply seeing the glass as half full. Meditation allows you to understand, at the deepest of levels, how your thoughts, mind, and emotions intertwine, and just how much control we have over the thinking process.


Sound Healing & Meditation, The Best Natural Depression Cure

  1. Meditation deactivates the anxiety and depression center of the brain.A study published in The Journal of Neuroscience (Drevets & all) found depressed people’s “left amygdala”to be in nonstop, hyper-mode. Not a good thing. Known as the anxiety, stress, and fear center of the brain, an overactive amygdala can create a whole spectrum of problems, including the initiation of our “fight or flight”response.Our hunting and gathering ancestors needed their “survival mode” activated amygdala on a daily basis, modern man does not. The good news is that Sound therapy & meditation healthily and naturally deactivates the depressed person’s overcharged amygdala, optimizing their brain and body for full happiness restoration (even if happiness is long forgotten).8. Sound Healing & Meditation keeps life fresh and new. We all do it, whether we get stuck in the past, or fret about the future. Like a negative thought vortex, trying to extract happiness from some other place or time gets us nowhere — this mindless overthinking can quickly suck away today’s joy. This is the perfect environment for depression.Sound Healing & Meditation will restore your present mind focus, allowing you to see the beautiful moment to moment unfolding of life, keeping everything from getting stale. By opening your mind up to a whole new world of stimuli, meditation makes even the most mundane life feel alive and fresh — and depression simply falls away.With the sacred & infinite healing powers of Sound, you can achieve a super pleasurable, extremely beneficial state of deep meditation quickly, safely, and easily.

SOUND Healing & Meditation for Deeper Learning

Scientists agree that your brain is a trainable ‘muscle’ that needs daily exercise. Around for millenia, more and more neuroscientific research points to SOUND meditation as being the very best brain exercise for learning. By flexing your cerebral cortex every day in meditation, your ability to absorb & understand new information, adapt to any situation, and personally grow in all directions becomes limitless — no matter your age.

If you are a student, meditation for learning is essential to better grades — from paying focused attention during lecture, to having an overall anxiety-free student experience, to increased concentration while studying. Maybe you work full time and are required to learn a new software system, program in a new language, or take an advanced certification test; SOUND meditation will magnify results no matter your life stage.

There really are a limitless number of reasons SOUD meditation helps learning, here are 3:

1. SOUND Meditation puts you in the best brainwave state for “super learning”. It is important to understand that, during your daily activities, your brain has a variety of precisely measurable states, from sleep, to working, to exercising, to studying — neuroscience understands this well. Of importance, SOUND meditation boosts Alpha brainwaves, the predominant state for learning, studying, memorizing, and recollecting large sums of information. Can you remember a time when you felt “in the zone” — extremely calm, yet alert, with laser-like focus? You can summon this highly creative, super enhanced learning state at any time, with SOUND meditation.




  1. SOUNDMeditation makes your left and right brain hemispheres work together.

Did you know that one side of your brain is more mathematical and scientific (left), while the other half is more creative and intuitive (right)? Most people use one half of their brains more than the other, creating an imbalance. Can you guess which side is dominant for you?

Scientists have found that highly successful people use both brain hemispheres in harmony. The good news? You, too, can achieve “whole brain synchronization”. Scientifically proven to enable this dual activated, well-balanced, highly active brain state, SOUND meditation has allowed countless people to transform all aspects of their lives, especially their capacity for learning.

3. Meditation stimulates learning associated brain regions. Two parts of the brain that are highly active during memory storage and recall, the Hippocampus and frontal lobe, are particularly stimulated during SOUND meditation. By flexing this part of the brain, meditation multiplies your ability to memorize, store, and recollect large sums of information. Many scientists agree that the implications of this are huge, with SOUND meditation being the leader as the very best brain exercise.

With IASH Singing Bowls & Sound healing techniques you can access deep, super pleasurable, extremely beneficial states of meditation quickly, safely, and easily.

SOUND Healing & Meditation decreases your levels of Cortisol. 

Cortisol is the one hormone you want less amounts of and SOUND meditation is proven to significantly decrease this harmful hormone. Higher and more prolonged levels of Cortisol, an age accelerating hormone, in the bloodstream has been found to have effects such as decreased bone density, elevated blood pressure, suppressed thyroid function, weakened cognitive performance, chronic stress, blood sugar imbalances such as hyperglycemia, decrease in muscle tissue, lowered immunity and inflammatory responses in the body, increased abdominal fat (which is related to many more health problems than fat deposited in other areas of the body), heart attacks, strokes, increased levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and decreased levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL), which lead to other health problems. Too much Cortisol is very damaging to your body and SOUND meditation can help reduce the risk of its many harmful effects.

How SOUND Healing & Meditation increases your happiness

If you experience depression, excess anger, or anxiety; twenty minutes of daily meditation will go very far in bringing about a truer sense of happiness. The medical community now recognizes that twenty minutes of daily meditation not only promotes happiness, but can reduce the effects of anger and depression, and provide other health benefits. Long term anger and depression can lead to medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and in some cases, cancer. If you are taking medications for any of these conditions and are not satisfied, you should try meditation to promote happiness.

When you begin to meditate, you first learn to focus your mind on the present moment. There are many ways to do this, but the important thing is that you stop your thoughts from wandering here or there, and begin to observe your body and your breath. When you do this, you automatically lose sight of the things that are making you upset, and you experience the simple joy of being alive. The more you experience the present, the more happy you become.

The things that makes us angry and depressed are all made up of stories that we create around emotions. When we are angry, depressed, or stressed, we are going over those stories and reliving those emotions. When we meditate, we drop the story, we let the emotion come and go, and eventually we release the emotion. All of this comes from being present, and it is the key to being happy.

The sooner you start, the quicker you can experience happiness. You will begin to live a more fulfilling life when you learn, through meditation, to live in the present moment.

SOUND Healing & Meditation gives you a deeper level of physical relaxation

One  hour of SOUND Meditation can be more restful than a full night’s sleep – it is truly the most powerful form of deep relaxation. Likewise, the benefits of deep relaxation through meditation are vast: Deep relaxation can lower blood pressure, regulate sleep disorders, provide energy, regulate digestion, reduce stress, tension and anxiety, and promote overall good health. The more you meditate for deep relaxation, the more you will benefit from the practice.

Stress contributes to myriad conditions, including heart issues, high blood pressure, attention deficit disorder and more. SOUND Meditation is one of the simplest and most effective things that you can do to reduce stress and encourage healing and calm in addition to good mental health.

Deep meditation with sacred SOUND aligns the body and mind and it strengthens the spirit – and provides a boost to all aspects of yourself. Anyone suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, depression, anger issues or other illnesses can benefit from meditating regularly with a focus on deep relaxation. And while you’re reducing stress, you’re also increasing your lung capacity, allowing you to breathe easier (and deeper) even when you’re not meditating, not to mention improving your performance in sports or endurance activities.

SOUND Meditation can also make you beautiful from the inside out: If beauty is only skin deep, then meditation can give you a genuine glow. Many skin conditions are either aggravated or caused by stress, including acne, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and other sensitive skin conditions. Deep relaxation through meditation can help you manage stress and give your body the tools it needs to fight skin inflammations, making your skin healthier and more beautiful.

As you learn to relax and learn to breathe deeply, you will be able to focus your attention, quiet that voice of judgment, and open your heart and your body to new experiences. In fact, deep relaxation through meditation will benefit your body, soul and mind.

Hearing development

The hearing organs start forming when a foetus is just three weeks old, starting at the inner ear and slowly building up to the ear canal, until eventually you’ll be able to see the outer ears on an ultrasound image. This happens quite quickly – it’s thought the auditory system becomes functional at around 25 weeks – so there’s plenty of time for them to get used to the many noises detectable within the womb!

Hearing development also improves as the brain becomes more complex – any sounds the foetus hears will be created as new memory circuits, creating meaningful associations with each. A foetus can detect different moods and emotional responses to speech and music at around 36 weeks old, and will soon learn to distinguish between happiness, sadness, anxiety and peace.

SOUND Healing & Meditation helps in post operative healing

Surgery can be a scary thing; however, it is necessary in some cases. While you may not be able to avoid surgery, it is possible for you to heal faster and improve your chances of a successful operation through meditation.

The healing process after surgery can trigger stress to the body and have a severe impact on the immune system. This is why, in the period after surgery, the body is very susceptible to infection. Meditation plays a pivotal role in the post-operative healing process because it strengthens the immune system.

How does meditation create the conditions for a healthy immune system? When you meditate, you are taking your body into a advanced brainwave states, states in which the brain has slower waves but higher amplification. This is almost the same state produced through sleep-but more advanced; it allows the brain to concentrate its efforts on cell regeneration. It also creates positive mental states, such as compassion, kindness, love, and trust.

These powerful mental states, along with positive thoughts, increase oxytocin in the body, a hormone responsible for reduced stress and increased happiness. Our immune systems respond to happy states by becoming stronger, and they respond to relaxed states by multiplying white blood cells, attacking cancerous cells, and fighting infection. This means that meditating before surgery can help make the surgery more effective, and meditating after surgery can speed healing. A life long meditation practice may even help you avoid surgery altogether.

No matter what your health is like, it is never too late to start meditating, and to experience the many benefits meditation has for your health, healing, and general well-being. Meditation is easy to learn and can improve your life in every way imaginable.

Help those with PTSD

Do you or anyone you love suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, better known as PTSD?

If so, you aren’t alone, as millions of people all over the world suffer from this debilitating mental disorder, characterized by re-experiencing the traumatic event via intrusive thoughts, bad dreams, flashbacks, with the sufferer having antisocial tendencies, emotional numbness, guilt, depression, memory problems, insomnia, angry outbursts, and more.

With the main conventional treatment plans available involving medication and therapy, many PTSD sufferers seek complementary methods or possible alternatives (you must consult your doctor before starting any PTSD treatment, this is not medical advice).

What is the number one non-invasive, all natural method of helping PTSD?

Meditation. In order to make PTSD a thing of the past, you must change your emotional attachment to your thoughts, which must be done from the root: the subconscious layers of your mind. Sound healing & Meditation is by far the quickest, most effective way to do this.


While the traumatic event(s) may have scarred you emotionally, you do have control over the degree to which it affects you in the present.

Once you detach from your thoughts, your emotional connection to the past will no longer have the same physiological and psychological response within your body and mind. With the past in the past, your mind can be on the present.

Sound Healing & Meditation gives you an amazing degree of mind mastery, with the power to effectively free yourself from the chains of PTSD, giving you the life you truly deserve!

How SOUND healing & meditation helps with senior health. 

The wish to help an aging loved one during their final life phase can make any of us feel overwhelmed. Luckily, more and more doctors believe meditation to be the very best tool for mental, physical, and emotional senior health. Here are 5 reasons meditation is the “fountain of youth” for the elderly:

1. Meditation helps memory: The dominant long term memory and short term memory storage hubs, the Hippocampus and frontal brain lobe, both become well-stimulated during meditation. What does this mean for the aging senior? Better long & short term memory recall, including retrieving long lost memories. The aging person’s brain, through meditation, is ensured to retain the ability to store new memories now, as well as through the advancing years.

2.Meditation makes the digestive system work better: The deep breathing exercises central to any meditation program improve circulation and blood oxygen enrichment, sending extra help to all of the organs, including the stomach and intestines. After incorporating meditation into their daily lives, senior citizens with digestive problems will see immediate relief. In addition to the digestive systems multiplied efficiency, meditation’s extra oxygen boost helps the immune system, heals the lungs, and improves circulation.

3. Meditation activates the happy part of the brain: By stimulating the “feel-good” prefrontal cortex brain region, seniors who suffer from depression can benefit greatly from meditation (so can people of all ages!). With increased feelings of happiness in the mind, the aging senior can renew his or her zest for life!

4. Meditation sharpens and focuses the mind: With an increased mental alertness and heightened ability to function as a well-capable member of society, meditation can make the senior years just as rewarding as other life phases. The synchronized brain hemispheres, left and right, of the elderly meditator enable a remarkable brain function improvement. Better focus, more creativity, quicker wit, are but just a few of the available benefits. Meditation is many times more effective than a crossword puzzle.

5. Meditation melts away stress, yielding many great benefits: For senior citizens, long term stress can come from many sources: chronic illness, disability, or the loss of a spouse. Two significant aging and quality of life factors, stress and end-of-life anxiety, are greatly reduced after beginning a meditation program. Naturally, many experts believe meditation to be the “fountain of youth” for both the body and brain, and older people can receive a limitless number of these benefits.

You can tap into the limitless benefits of meditation quickly, safely, and easily with a powerful IASH Singing Bowls & Sound healing scientific techniques.

How SOUND meditation helps with arthritis.

If you or a loved one suffers from the pain of arthritis then you know that while it is not necessarily a life threatening illness, it can significantly lower our quality of life and leave us unable to do many of the things that we used to enjoy.

From planting our favorite spring flowers and autumn harvests to working on the old black Chevy in the garage, an unexpected method of relief might be just what the doctor ordered to allow you to get back to enjoying life, and better yet – life to the fullest.

When you think of SOUND meditation what comes to mind? Like most people you probably think of stress relief, focus or the sharpening of the mind . . . but what you might not know about meditation could make all the difference in the way you live your life today.

The pain of arthritis is one of the most difficult things to deal with when you suffer from this ailment. Meditation has been proven to be a natural pain reliever.

In fact, it has been known to be so powerful that many cancer patients say that they don’t know what they would do without it. Because pain can often give way to anxiety, meditation can provide you with long lasting relief from this secondary symptom as well.

In addition to pain relief, SOUND meditation also helps to align a good PH balance. Anyone with an illness or underlying ailment is said to have an acidic PH level. When we meditate the natural “feel good” and “good for you” hormones/chemical in our body are increased, returning our PH balance to healthy levels, relieving arthritic inflammation and helping us to live a better, happier, more productive life.

How SOUND Healing & Meditation Helps With Infertility 

Infertility can be very traumatic for couples who wish to have a child. Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon problem, with America alone witnessing nearly 10 million infertility cases. While the exact causes of infertility are not known, The American Society for Reproductive Medicine states that extreme stress could impede fertility.

Stress has a dramatic impact on your physical body. Research has established that you’re less likely to get pregnant if you suffer from an acute case of stress. Under stress, your body cuts all but essential bodily functions, and isn’t willing or able to support another life form, a prime reason it can cause miscarriages. If you think acute stress might be the cause of your infertility, it is important that you do something about it.

There is one form of stress relief which immediately and naturally lowers stress levels. Meditation, practiced regularly, visibly reduces the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone in the body, and increases hormones such as oxytocin and melatonin, responsible for rest, relaxation, loving emotions, and feelings of trust.

Meditation can reverse the impacts stress has on your body and your fertility. Meditation can also help you prepare yourself mentally and physically for pregnancy and parenthood. It teaches patience, helps you get in touch with yourself as the creator of your baby, and teaches you to relinquish control of your body over to nature.

In this way, meditation can remove mental and spiritual barriers to pregnancy and help you ease your fears about pregnancy, parenting, or the birthing process.

Becoming a parent is a beautiful experience. If you have stress, fears, or other barriers, let meditation bring you back to unity and help you relax. With meditation, you can open yourself to the miracle of parenthood, releasing your fears and worries, and participate consciously in the making of a new life.

How SOUND meditation helps you in stressful situations

While some stress is inevitable, your reaction to it doesn’t have to be. A regular meditation practice can make a tremendous impact on your stress levels and your ability to manage stressful situations. With practice, your blood pressure and heart rate will decrease as you acquire the tools needed to deal with stress. The more you progress, the greater control you’ll exhibit when faced with stressful situations.

Like anyone, you may find it difficult to handle stressful situations when you first begin meditating. Even if you feel calm, cool and collected while you’re meditating, it’s harder to maintain that composure when faced with a hectic, tense situation later on. Nevertheless, over time, meditation and breath work will remind you that you can breathe through anything, and that sometimes all it takes is slowing down for a minute and taking several deep, long breaths.

When people are angry, their breathing speeds up and becomes more erratic. If you can learn to breathe in and out deeply and focus on your breath, you can bring a sense of calmness and peace to your mind and body. Although you can’t control what other people do and say, you can use meditation and deep breathing techniques to ensure that you remain calm and in charge of your emotions.

Though breathing deeply may seem like such a simple thing, you might be amazed at the instant results meditation offers. By breathing deeply, you relax the mind, bring increased oxygen flow into the body and counteract the negative stress hormones released in response to challenging situations and circumstances. When you maintain your cool, you also ensure that you have the ability to make a logical, rational decision and not respond on a purely emotional level.

Reacting to stressful situations becomes easier as you grow in your meditation practices – you will learn to manage stress rather than letting it manage you!

How SOUND meditation improves your judgment

SOUND Meditation can improve many aspects of your life, there is no wonder why it keeps gaining popularity. Judgment is one of those aspects, and can be perfected in many different ways, including judgment of people’s character and judgments regarding decision making.

Meditation allows you to release the negativity within yourself, all that does not feel good and therefore all that affects you personally, melting all that takes it toll both mentally and physically. When your mind is not free and clear it is hard to concentrate, your judgment then becomes skewed. Meditation is really about finding your inner self, freeing your mind – releasing all the years of layered negative dysfunctions you have stored inside you. When you free yourself you become more aware of those around you.

Not having much to worry about lets you become more attuned to others and their feelings – your mind will be free and thinking clearly, allowing accurate judgment. When choosing the right course of action in anything, meditation instills the proper framework for making the right decision. You will be able to only think about the facts of the matter and not have other thoughts creeping into your head, clouding your judgment.

When judging others, or trying to read their character, it can be very easy to be negative. If you don’t agree with something they said or did it is easy to look down on them – unless you regularly practice meditation. Meditation helps you have a better understanding of yourself; when we understand ourselves better it is much easier to understand others.

Meditation gives you inner peace, creating happiness within creates positive effects on everything. It will give you a better understanding of what others are going through, seeing that they don’t deserve to be judged negatively. The meditator’s mind knows that there could be many circumstances in their lives that lead them to where they are. Experienced meditators remember that their views and decisions were not so clear once upon a time. Before meditation, you weren’t able to think clearly and only focus on the positive.

Do you want crystal clear character judgment (or non-judgment) and powerful decision making skills? SOUND Meditation is the answer.

How SOUND meditation Improves Your Memory

Memory problems plague us all as we grow older, none of us are immune to father time. Good thing for you, meditation has been scientifically proven as the best natural solution for both long and short term memory, here are 5 reasons why:

1. Meditation = Mind Strength Training: As we age, our mental capacity peaks and then begins to deteriorate. Using your mind to reach high levels of concentration & laser-like focus is central to meditation. When you do this, you are strengthening & exercising your mind, to keep it in incredible shape. When we meditate we work our mental muscle, prolonging the life of our brain, keeping us from suffering memory loss.

2. Meditation Slows the Aging Process: Stress, a huge factor in accelerated aging characteristics such as memory loss, is greatly reduced after beginning a meditation program. Indeed, many doctors and scientists believe meditation to be the elusive “fountain of youth” for both the body and brain.
Meditation for Memory

  1. Meditation taps into the untapped subconscious memory stores:Meditation can help you remember things that you may have already forgotten. With no place within your brain to discard memories, memory stays stored in your brain subconsciously, and only needs to be accessed.Often, our tools for accessing memory are what we lose. Meditation is the very best way to harness the power of the subconscious mind, thereby retrieving seemingly long forgotten information, healthily & naturally.4. Meditation stimulates memory associated brain regions: The major long term memory and short term memory storage centers, the Hippocampus and frontal brain lobe, both light up during meditation. What does this mean for you? By flexing your memory muscle in meditation, your information storage mechanisms multiply, ensuring that your brain retains the ability to store new memories now, and as you age.

Meditation And Memory

5. Meditation increases our focus: Often, when we have memory problems, they come from our lack of attentiveness to a certain subject, such as a person’s name. By being focused and in the moment, which is what meditation teaches us to be, we can better recall important details, because we actively store them as memory and assign them significance.

If you want to upgrade your memory, its clear that IASH Singing Bowls & SOUND meditation is the most robust, highly tested, dynamic approach  in the 21st century — with the benefits of meditation going far beyond the brain.

SOUND Meditation increases your blood flow and slows your heart rate

When conventional medicine cannot help much in improving circulation and reducing a person’s heart rate, many turn to holistic healing practices such as IASH SOUND meditation.

It is quite a curiosity that people resort to meditation as a last option when meditation has already been practiced for thousands of years, with its limitless benefits being understood by all who have done any research.

Meditation allows you to alter the physiological functions of your body by targeting the specific parts of the brain that allow you to achieve a state of deep relaxation and calmness, making your heart pump more slowly and steadily.

Imagine yourself huffing and puffing after running, your heart pumps more blood because your brain and body need more oxygen. When you are anxious, stressed, or scared, your heart pumps faster trying to deliver oxygen to the bodily organs. Meditation reduces your heart rate while dramatically improving circulation efficiency.

The effects of meditation last long after its over. When your brain and entire circulatory system are in good condition, your body easily copes with the daily stresses of life. Your heart pumps easier and significantly reduces the possibility of it overworking, making you less likely to be stressed and fatigued.

Think of your circulatory system as the transportation system of your body. Imagine your veins as the roads that make movement possible, the cars are the blood which bring oxygen and nutrients to your lungs, heart, kidney, and other organs.

With meditation helping you out in improving the traffic of these vehicles, you will have little problems with your health because all of these nutrients are delivered at the right time, to the right destination.

Increase your libido through SOUND meditation

Did you know that SOUND meditation, with so many benefits, can also lead to feelings of sexual arousal? Among the many reasons are increased endorphins, more focus, better self image, more DHEA, and better blood flow. Why not incorporate SOUND meditation into your life and put your libido in overdrive?

1. SOUND Meditation makes you feel really good: A recent study by Candace Pert, neuroscientist and pharmacologist at Georgetown University, has shown that the endorphins released during meditation can lead to a reduction in chronic stress, anger, and depression. Her findings conclude that meditation, over the long term, contributes to the release of endorphins, which give what is known as runner’s high and just make us feel better about ourselves. When we feel great about ourselves we are more interested in sex.

2. A focused, stress-free mind yields better love-making: One of the best ways to increase your libido is to improve your ability to focus. Increasing your ability to focus through meditation will allow you to refocus your mind when it begins to wander to the million things that you need to get done or things that have you agitated – all lowering your libido. The opposite is also true – when we meditate we focus on the task at hand (loving our partner). When we love our partner our libido increases.
How SOUND Meditation Increases Libido And Sex Drive

  1. SOUND Meditation boosts sex drive hormones, naturallyDid you know that DHEA is naturally boosted through meditation? DHEA among other things, dramatically improves your mental and emotional well being, which of course is very important to feel sexually desirable.In addition, DHEA increases your sex drive by normalizing (in women and men) your testosterone levels. Low sexual desire, arousal, and responsiveness are all markedly improved by incorporating meditation into your life.4. SOUND Meditation also increases circulation and blood flow. Scientists found a thirty two percent blood flow increase in the arm when measured during meditation. Can you imagine that benefit while in the bedroom? The next time your partner is in the mood and you are not, try meditation to increase your libido.

How SOUND meditation increases your longevity. 

Well respected scientists from every health related discipline have researched the power of SOUND meditation to influence general health and provide natural ways to ward off disease and aging. These independent medical studies have confirmed the claims of advocates of meditation, that the practice is a reliable, inexpensive and safe way to balance the psychological, mental, physical and spiritual nature of our beings.

That balance is what leads to increased longevity. A lifestyle of meditation provides benefits outside of the meditative session; Increased mental and emotional focus gained in meditation will be present in all areas of your life. Because meditation develops a person’s ability to calm the mind and spirit, for a regular meditator, routine stresses do not have the power they once had.

Medical science has long understood that our ability to control stress and negative emotional reactions to difficulties has much to do with the body’s ability to ward off illness. Meditation naturally results in less stress, and better ways of coping with stress you do have, so that it does not affect you physically.

The positive health effects of meditation that can contribute to longevity and a better quality of life include: A measurable reduction in anxiety because of the lower blood lactate in the system; Increases of serotonin levels in the body, which can have a direct affect on the occurrence of insomnia, headaches and depression; Greater vitality and energy; A healthier outlook on life; Greater calm; A better sense of humor.

These positive effects of meditation, and many more, increase longevity and quality of life for those who meditate regularly. This means you can expect immediate and noticeable short-term benefits of meditation and also look forward to a longer, richer and more meaningful life.

Sound Healing & meditation for increased job satisfaction

If you work an average 40-hour week and don’t like your job, that adds up to a lot of unhappy or dissatisfied hours. Sound Healing with Singing bowls, however, can help you increase your level of job satisfaction. If you don’t like your boss or co-workers, feel your job is a dead-end, are unhappy with the amount of money you earn or think you’re wasting your day at work, sound healing sessions & meditations can not only help increase overall job satisfaction, but can establish the steps needed to make a change or even attain a promotion.

Sound Healing helps address any issues you regard with a negative attitude. You may not even realize that you’re displaying a negative attitude at work, but chances are if you are unhappy with your job, your co-workers and boss can tell. People who are unhappy at work become stressed, angry, and detached. If your initiative has waned, it won’t take long before others notice your disinterest or flagging performance.

With regular sound healing sessions & meditation, you can address any stress or anxiety that surrounds your job and begin to address the issues that caused your dissatisfaction or frustration. Sound healing sessions & Meditation can help you feel more relaxed and calm when at work, and even includes simple techniques with Singing Bowls you can quickly use during your work day to get an instant boost of energy and revitalization.

If you are interested in a promotion, you may need to work on your attitude or initiative first. Use Singing Bowls meditation techniques on a regular basis to address your feelings and rebuild relationships with your boss and co-workers. After you make progress with your attitude towards work and your employer, try showing more initiative – this will let your employer know that you not only enjoy your job, but are ready to take on more responsibility. If you have new ideas for the company, share those as well. Try some visualization techniques with Singing Bowls meditation where you see yourself with the promotion or working in the job of your dreams. Use affirmations to boost your confidence and give yourself the assurance that you can handle the job and excel at new tasks.

Sound healing sessions with Singing bowls can also help you find more satisfaction in each moment at work, as you focus more on the present – where you are right now – rather than worrying about past issues or future projects. And singing bowls meditation might also help you to understand that it’s time to make a career change and pursue a new position for greater life and job satisfaction.

SOUND Meditation reduces the need for medical care

SOUND Meditation provides so many great benefits for you, but most people aren’t aware of how many of these benefits are physical in nature. It’s easy to think about meditation and assume that it’s all going on in your head, but meditation produces numerous very real and powerful bodily benefits. Overall, meditation greatly reduces the amount of medical care that you need to receive in your life.

For starters, meditation strengthens your immune system. The strength and efficiency of your immune system is a crucial factor relating to whether or not your come down with illness and require medical attention, and meditation’s ability to strengthen the immune system is well known. A study published in the American Psychosomatic Society by Dr. Richard Davidson and colleagues found that “a short sessions in meditation produces demonstrable effects on brain and immune function. These findings suggest that meditation may change brain and immune functions in positive ways…”

Meditation is also known to help you heal and recover faster when you do get sick or face an injury. Meditation provides a space where you can visualize your improving health and focus on your body’s healing processes, while also improving your body’s healing functions directly. Meditation has been shown to increase relaxation, decrease blood pressure, increase oxygen efficiency, and increase the number of defensive cells your body produces. Meditation has been used often to aid cancer patients, both to improve their healing capacity and to improve their quality of life (Dr. Linda E. Carlson and colleagues).

Meditation is one of the best preventative medicines out there. It makes your whole body healthier, it reduces stress and other factors of illness and injury, and it allows you to better deal with the stressors you will naturally encounter throughout your day. Most people understand that illness and injury are only partially determined by physiological factors, and that more often than not we face health problems when we are already attempting to deal with mental and spiritual problems in our lives. By helping you deal with those abstract issues, and by greatly increasing your body’s ability to respond to illness, meditation greatly reduces the chances of needing medical care.

What is the best weight loss method? State of mind.

Few can argue, a toned body is the physical manifestation of the correct mindset. The very best method for syncing both mind and body, here are 4 reasons meditation is the missing puzzle piece to your ideal physique:

1. Being clear headed instead of impulsive. Lets face it, that extra bit of weight did not just magically show up on your midsection overnight. Indeed, it took a series of less than optimal food choices over a certain amount of time. Its easy to say, “Im on a diet, and gonna stick to it.” However, the next day, come dinner time, long term goals become fuzzy.
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

“That burger looks so much tastier than that salad. Ok just this one time.” What we are forgetting is the regret or guilt that comes right after eating the unhealthy food. Meditation gives you a certain “inner thought pattern mastery” that is so crucial in the heat of the moment, making long term dieting goals so much clearer, leading you to make much better food choices easily and naturally.

2. Satisfying your food craving creates a neurochemical “fix” within the brain. Meditation serves as a powerfully effective substitute. Did you know that food can very much be an addictive “drug” which elicits drug-like chemical reactions within the body? Its true, eating that bag of Doritos not only tastes great but also releases many “feel good” chemicals, like dopamine and endorphins, which doubles food’s addictiveness potential.

Meditation just so happens to do the very same thing within the brain, but healthily and naturally, in the same way that a jogger gets a “runners high”. What does this mean for people wishing to lose weight? Fewer unhealthy food cravings, less impulse to charge the refrigerator at midnight, and ultimately a better, healthier body and mind.
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

  1. Stress, anxiety, and depression lead us to overeat. Meditation fixes all of the above.In a world full of difficult times, it becomes very easy to develop a seemingly permanent dysfunctional emotional issue, such as anxiety, depression, or addiction (food addiction). We all suffer from these issues, some more than others. Food, so often, becomes our go-to emotional painkiller.In fact, many studies strongly link stress levels within a society to obesity rate (not really much of a surprise). Luckily, meditation transforms how your body and mind react to stress. By raising the ceiling at which you mentally and physiologically perceive an event to be stressful, meditation effectively disallows anxiety, depression, and addiction (yes, food addiction) from manifesting within your psyche.4. Meditation lights up the “willpower” brain region. A 2009 joint-Duke-Caltech University study examined the brains of 37 dieters while they looked at 50 photos of various foods, rating each by taste and healthiness. Their study showed that those dieters with the highest levels of willpower had very high activity in the“dorsolateral prefrontal cortex”. Its no coincidence that this brain region is also highly active in meditators, shown by numerous neuroscientific studies. Meditators naturally have a highly-disciplined, good food-choice making brain, with the body to match.

SOUND Meditation decreases your respiratory rate

The power of meditation is often underestimated, probably because people can see so many benefits for free. The power to eliminate the effects of stress lies within your body and mind, and can be easily achieved through meditation.

The meditation process is actually far more more complex than people realize, even more than doctors realize – science is barely scratching the surface in regards to understanding meditation. What they do know is the effects are largely physiological in nature, proving that we can use our mind to control many different processes in the body.

In 2003, Harvard scientists studied a group of 10 meditators with profound results; their respiratory rates were significantly lower than non-meditators. A lower respiratory rate indicates that the lungs are working more efficiently, among other things. They also discovered that this powerful benefit is a fundamental component of all meditation techniques.

The respiratory rate is one of the essential factors beneficially affected during and after a deep state of meditation; awareness of breath is a conscious control of the breathing process, and is known very well by experienced meditators. Your heart contracts less often when you meditate, this saves heartbeats, keeping the cardiac muscle strong.

Slow everything down with SOUND meditation.

Maintain your composure with SOUND meditation

Just like a composer creates beautiful musical scores, when you are composed, your life, relationships and interactions will all be more harmonious. Meditation, then, can help you maintain your composure in complex and trying situations.
One of the first things that new meditators acquire is the ability to calm and relax the mind through deep breathing and relaxation techniques. Shortly, you learn to access this calm, composed state when you are suddenly faced with a crisis situation or dealing with challenges at work or home. You can bring that composed state of mind with you wherever you go, boosting your overall happiness along the way.

The first simple step to maintaining composure is to remember to breathe. Breathing deeply and practicing meditation techniques will center and calm the body and mind. If you know that you will be faced with a stressful situation in the near future, whether it’s a family event, a work challenge or a relationship issue, you can prepare for the encounter in meditation

Meditation can help you mentally prepare for any situation by allowing you to picture the scenario you will encounter and work through issues visually in your mind. If you envision yourself handling a challenging situation with ease and panache, you will be much more likely to do so in reality, rather than panicking, flying off the handle or avoiding the situation entirely.

In addition, by taking deep breaths and practicing meditation, you can remain in control of the situation and your emotions. Deep breathing will keep you centered so that you won’t respond to the situation in an impulsive manner. Meditation can help you remain aware of your body and emotional response to the situation, allowing thoughtful decisions.

Calm, composed, controlled – meditation can ground you in the moment, giving you the poise needed to handle any circumstance.

Are you thinking about going to a social function? Maybe you are thinking about going to a party? If the answer is no (and for no good reason), you should really consider Sound Healing & meditation first. It can help.

Meditation helps you focus on the moment, not worrying about the million unimportant things that are going on. Researcher, neuroscientist, and pharmacologist Candance Pert, Section Chief at the National Institution of Health, found that meditation can contribute to the release of endorphins, which give you “runner’s high” and just make us feel better about ourselves. When we feel great about ourselves we are more interested in being social.

Sound healing & Meditation has shown to increase activity in the pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain that contains our happy feelings. Dr. Sara Lazar compared the brains of those who had practiced meditation for several years with those who had never practiced.

She found that individuals who had practiced for several years had thicker areas in the brain’s cortex; and were especially thick in the areas known to process emotions. If we are happier we are more willing to be social.

During guided meditation with sound you learn to recognize the impulse to react with fear or panic before it arises, detaching you from these emotions. You can choose to stop those feelings, or let them pass through you as you observe, maintaining your mental balance. No worries.

Sound Healing & Meditation can help us in social situations in a number of ways- through the release of endorphins, increasing the activity in the brain’s happy pre-frontal cortex area, and stopping negative thoughts before they arise. So come on, let’s party.

SOUND Meditation can reduce your anxiety attacks easily

Anxiety is something we all feel in our lives. Being afraid because of an observed threat is normal. However, there are some people who experience completely irrational fear, which can sometimes lead to a full blown panic attack. True anxiety attacks do not have a stimulus, with sufferers feeling fear out of the blue – causing problems in all areas of your life, including at work, at home, and in social relationships.

Sound healing Sessions with Singing Bowls reduces the activity in your nervous system, more specifically, your parasympathetic nervous system. This is the system responsible for soothing and calming an individual. During meditation, there is an increased blood flow that results in a plentiful oxygen supply to your lungs and to your brain, causing your body to relax and your mind to be in control, and is one of the reasons meditation reduces the possibility of anxiety attacks. With the nerves calm, the mind focused, and the body’s need for blood and oxygen balanced, it is impossible to lose control.

If a person experiences anxiety attacks, there is a significant lactate increase in the blood. Lactate is produced by the skeletal muscles if there is an insufficient supply of oxygen in the body, which commonly happens when we are scared, panicking, or experiencing anxiety. During sound healing sessions with singing bowls, scientific studies have proven that there is a significant reduction in the lactate content found in the body, making it conclusive that sound healing really can eliminate anxiety.

Did you know that people who meditate have significantly higher levels of the neurotransmitter GABA and hormone Serotonin? Serotonin and GABA are known for their mood stabilizing capabilities as well as improving sleep. A study at Yale University found that people with panic attacks had 22% less GABA than normal people.

With regular meditation, you will be in full control of your mind, how it processes thoughts, and the effect those thoughts have on you. Meditation will make panic attacks a thing of the past.

SOUND Meditation increases intelligence in many ways: From making both brain hemispheres work together, to boosting memory, to increasing brain size, to enhancing emotional intelligence (EQ). Here are 6 reasons meditation creates the perfect environment for intellectual growth and learning.

1. Harness your entire brain. Did you know that most everyone uses one brain half more than the other, creating animbalance? Meditation has been proven to sync both brain hemispheres, allowing much faster neural communication and much greater processing power. When the logical left brain and creative right brain begin working in harmony, problem solving becomes easy, creativity multiplies, deep thinking becomes the standard, and focus and concentration magnify. “Whole brain synchronization” is consistently shown in highlysuccessful people, and you too can achieve this mind state — through meditation.
Meditation and Intelligence

  1. Meditation increases brain size.By taking advantage of what scientists call “neuroplasticity”, researchers from the University of Wisconsin discovered that meditation beneficially increases the neural “gray matter thickness”of certain brain regions. To put it another way, meditation makes your brain bigger, smarter, and faster, in the same way that physical exercise makes your muscles stronger, denser, with more endurance.Contrary to the widely accepted scientific opinion of decades ago, the concept of neuroplasticity means that our intelligence is not genetically set from birth — there are certain things we can do to improve our brain performance. As evidenced by numerous studies, neuroscientists have pegged meditation as the leading brain enhancer, with the potential to increase intelligence on all levels.

Meditation Makes You Smarter

  1. Meditation puts you into super beneficial brainwave patterns.By guiding your brainwaves into the most beneficial frequencies –alpha, theta, and delta, a myriad of benefits manifest, including super creativity, powerful idea generation, enhanced cognitive functioning, and an overall intellectual capacity for growth. Meditation is the very best, easiest way for you to access these super beneficial mind states, and they can definitely transform your life in so many different ways (the least of which is a simple boost in IQ!).4. Develop insight & intuition. Inner intelligence, on the other hand, is derived from developing & listening to your inner voice. Best known as insight and intuition, meditation is the key to tapping into both of these latent abilities. While this specific type of intelligence can’t be gauged with quizzes or tests, it is highly valuable on all levels, stimulating insight, creativity, natural understanding without being taught, and helping you to see beyond what the five senses experience.

Meditation Increases Inner Intelligence

Inner intelligence, some would argue, is the most important type for success in the “real world”, once academic studies are complete. Many successful business people, including the late Steve Jobs, stated that their keen business acumen & revolutionary ideas came from their gut feelings (intuition) above all else.

5. Meditation improves both long and short term memory. We all know thatmemory is a major component of both intelligence and IQ. From studying for exams, to learning a new coding language, to remembering names, memory is essential to daily intellectual function. Two key memory associated areas of the brain, the hippocampus and frontal brain lobe, both show significantly increased activity during meditation. By stimulating these vital areas in meditation, both long and short term memory capacity increase, making your job, schoolwork, and daily life that much easier.

Meditation Increases IQ & EQ

  1. Meditation also advances emotional intelligence.Many people never learn to think through their emotions and address them in a reasonable manner, but instead are held prisoner by their reactions to outside stimuli. Though you can’t control outside forces and circumstances, you can control how you respond to them. Regular meditation will give you whats called “emotional intelligence” (or EQ), which is the ability to tune into and listen to your feelings, then work through them in a calm, thoughtful manner. In addition, EQ also you helps read and appropriately respond to the emotional cues of other people. This is another intelligence that is somewhat difficult to measure, but incredibly important in the real world.

SOUND Meditation makes you a more mentally balanced person. 

Life can become very hectic with so many things vying for your attention. It is easy to lose perspective on the big picture and on your long term goals when short term emergencies create a sensation of crisis. That is why the daily habit of meditation can be so helpful in balancing the mind.

The reason meditation is so effective at balancing the mind is, during your moments of meditation, you focus entirely on achieving calm, serenity and peace. When your emotions are allowed to calm and all of your issues are put aside for a while, you get your perspective back. Suddenly, after meditation, the ability of daily problems to cause you stress or affect your happiness is greatly reduced.

By balancing your mind through meditation, you come out with a better perspective on daily pressures. You can evaluate problems and find solutions because you are no longer overwhelmed. You will be able to resolve problems more effectively due to your detachment from the emotional and mental strains of the situation. When you meditate, you are able to bring the states of mind under your control.

Eventually, you come to understand that all states of mind, all emotions, and all problems are transient and without substance. While this doesn’t make your problems go away, it does help you to see that all problems have a solution, and that the solution begins with losing our attachment and resistance to life.

If all of that sounds strange to you, don’t worry. These insights come with time. We must calm our minds and balance our mental and emotional states to feel grounded and in control of our life. Meditation helps us set aside fear, doubt and worry, brings us greater happiness, and keeps our minds from becoming disturbed. This is what is meant by “balancing the mind.”

You can start to feel more in control of your life by beginning to meditate. No matter how you begin, start soon so you can enjoy the balanced, peaceful states meditation has to offer.

Everybody hits a slump in life, but there is always hope. If you have found yourself in a rut, suffering from a stalled career, or even finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning, meditation is the key to get you back on track. Here are 5 reasons meditation can pump you up:

1. Meditation can help focus your mind and renew your enthusiasm. When you meditate, you learn to let go of your negative thoughts, refreshing your mind, so that life feels new again. By disciplining the mind, a natural untapped, latent store of energy surfaces from within, thereby making the impossible, possible.

2. Meditation naturally reforms negative thinking. If your lack of motivation comes from depression, cynicism, or from disenchantment with life in general, meditation is a great way to change your thought patterns. Often, ruts come from the repetition of thoughts, words, and deeds. Meditation can put you back on the mountaintop, or at least give you the necessary positive mindset.
Meditation And Motivation

  1. Meditation eliminates anxiety, depression, and addiction.Ninety percent of the thoughts you had yesterday will make up the thoughts you have today. Do you see the implications? After meditation roots out all of the dysfunctional thought patterns, anxiety, depression, addiction, etc, in the most dramatic way, your life will be forever transformed. A transformed life is a motivated life.4. Meditation gives you a new identity. When you meditate, you stop identifying with the same thoughts and feelings you had yesterday, giving yourself space to step out of your routine, viewing the world through a new set of eyes. Change breeds motivation.5. Meditation reconnects you to higher levels of emotion. Another way meditation motivates us is through its natural ability to increase our feelings of happiness, love, inter-connectedness, compassion, and well-being. When these states are created in the mind, we feel better about ourselves, our lives, and others. Feeling good about life is what keeps us moving forward.If you are feeling unmotivated, know that the key to getting out of your slump is meditation. It is easy and can be done by anyone.

How SOUND meditation increases mental health. 

If you have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, meditation can work along with medication to help you gain control of your problem. Meditation for mental health is a great supplement to any medication and psychotherapy you may be currently undergoing. While meditation can help you stabilize your moods and gain control of your thoughts, it won’t interfere with any other therapies you may be using or any of your prescription medicines.

Meditation helps those with mental disorders because it gives them the means of control. The meditator learns very quickly to take control of the mind, forcing the thoughts to focus. Meditation can teach us not to attach to our emotions or different mental states, which can help those who suffer from mental disorders, such as OCD, Bipolar Disorder, depression, or anxiety.

When it comes to mood disorders and mental illness, meditation also stabilizes our moods by helping us control our emotions. We can gain control of our thoughts, relax, or redirect our attention to something more soothing and peaceful. Meditating also helps us to gain compassion, giving us a greater sense of love, comfort, and well-being.

There is nothing special anyone must do to meditate. There are several techniques and each of them create the same benefits: Greater control over the mind, more peace, compassion, happiness, and well-being. Meditation can be done anywhere, by anyone, and it is easy to get instruction for free.

While living with a mental disorder is never ideal, there are ways to take back your life and decrease the negative affects of your condition. Using meditation can improve your treatment results and help you live normally.

How SOUND  healing & meditation reduces panic attacks

For the person who suffers with panic attacks, there is a two-pronged problem. The attacks themselves can be terrifying and almost impossible to control, and very few people understand what you are going through. Panic attacks are a serious syndrome and entail much more than a moment of feeling anxious or afraid.

A panic attack is a medical and emotional reaction to something. Often it is associated with a phobia, such as fear of heights or enclosed places. But the effects are physical, because you experience shortness of breath, sweating and even nausea. To stop a panic attack, you need something you can do quickly when you feel the early inward signals. This is where Sound Healing & meditation can help.

The focusing on the drawing of breath and it’s release is a well-established method for dealing with emotional moments, panic attacks and other times of extreme stress. During times when you are not fighting off panic attacks you can build your skills at quieting your mind and emotions using sound healing & meditation exercises.

As you relax quietly in sound healing & meditation sessions, you begin to breathe very deliberately and very deeply. You focus on the feeling of your lungs filling completely. Then you focus on a slow and controlled exhale. If you do this often, your lungs will be fully exercised, your blood will be fully oxygenated and your circulation system will deliver plenty of oxygen to the brain. Those simple biological steps are things that can derail a panic attack.

These simple steps will return control of your body and your feelings to you and the panic attack will be defeated. And, because sound healing & meditation improves your ability to sleep, your appetite, and your ability to focus at work or at play, it will make you a happier person in every possible way.

Like a modern plague, it seems that everyone is addicted to something: whether its alcohol, tobacco, food, coffee, prescriptions, or illegal drugs. Here, we discuss 7 physiological and psychological reasons meditation is the best, most effective way to overcome any addiction — healthily, and naturally.

1. Meditation makes you a master of “Urge Surfing” Anyone suffering from addiction knows all about the “urge” — the overwhelming, tunnel-vision like, super-powerful impulse to satisfy your chosen addictive craving. It can seem like our addictions can sometimes “do us” rather than “us doing them.”

What then, is the best way to loosen the strangleholdthese self-destructive impulses have over our lives? The key to witnessing these impulses instead of being controlled by them, meditation works not by suppression or distraction (which makes things much worse) but by simply stepping aside as the waterfall of urges and cravings come and go, reducing their emotional and physiological intensity over time. When meditation puts you back in the driver seat of your mind, urges downgrade to just another thought, powerless to manipulate you in any way.


  1. Getting our addictive “fix” releases the brain’s number one pleasure chemical, dopamine. Meditation does too, but naturally.A 2004 study published in Molecular Psychiatry (Volkow et al) found that when an addict gets their “fix”, high amounts of “euphoric” brain chemicals, “dopamine”, flood certain brain regions (nucleus accumbens). Conversely, the study found dopamine levels to be extra low at other times (the crash) — which ultimately forces the brain into seeking more of the drug’s temporary dopamine boost, perpetuating the vicious circle.The researchers postulated how important it was to find a healthy and natural dopamine-releasing activity toeffectively counter addictive behavior. What then, is the best solution? Meditation. A landmark 2002 study from the John F. Kennedy Institute (Kjaer et al) found that dopamine levels of participants were boosted by a whopping 65% during meditation. Just as important, meditators dopamine levels remained at an optimally healthy rangewhen not in meditation (no crashing). When meditation makes you feel so good, healthily and naturally, addiction simply falls away.




  1. Meditation has proven to be nearly 6 times more effective than traditional drug treatment programs.A 2006 study by University of Washington researchers (Bowen et al) examined 78 substance addicted prison inmates for three months. The participants were taught meditation for 10 days, and given questionnaires to self-report their drug use at day 0 and again at day 90. What were the results?Amazingly, the study found that inmates who practiced meditation for 3 months drank 87% less alcohol, and used89% less marijuana. Furthermore, meditation was found to be almost 6 times more effective than the control group’s more traditional chemical dependency treatment plan. Another incredible example of the limitless power of meditation, especially for those who want to rid their lives of addiction.


  1. Most addictions stem from the inability to deal with stress. Meditation makes you immune to stress.Life likes to test us in many different ways, and we all have a maximum limit for how much we can handle. Crossing our stress ceiling over and over can create emotional turmoil — displayed in the form of anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, etc. If we don’t healthily and naturally deal with this pain, we find ways to cope, like addiction, to feel normal again — to feel good again.Meditation transforms your central nervous system and brain, shifting your body chemistry out of “fight or flight” survival mode, so that the stress that had you reaching for your once favorite self-medication (alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, etc.) yesterday, will no longer affect you today. By melting away a lifetime of anger, sadness, anxiety, and depression, meditation effectively raises your maximum stress threshold, leaving you immune to all addictions.



  1. Meditation elicits the same brainwaves that doctors use to treat addiction.A 2005 study published in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse (Scott et al) looked at121 patients going through an inpatient substance abuse program. The participants were given EEG biofeedback training, which put simply, puts the brainwave patternsof the user into a more advanced state of consciousness (here they used Alpha-Theta waves). What were the results?Incredibly, at a one year follow up, 77% of patients were completely drug free. What is the best way to train the brain into the super beneficial alpha-theta state without expensive biofeedback therapy? Meditation. As numerous EEG studies show, alpha and theta brainwaves dominateduring a meditative state. Indeed, the brain research community has built a mountain of evidence showing that meditation can help immensely in beating addiction, healthily and naturally .


  1. Meditation fixes the deep rooted reasons for addiction.The most effective treatment programs address the true reason for addiction — unhappiness. What is the root cause of unhappiness, and therefore, addiction? Not living consciously.If you are drifting through life, feel you have lost control, or don’t know how you got to where you are, then choosing to live consciously can change everything. Simply put, instead of making choices on autopilot (as most people do), people who live consciously become mindfully aware of everything: every thought, every action, every experience.Meditation by its very nature, is the act of conscious thought examination, it puts you face to face with all that is disharmonious in your life (especially addiction), and brings everything back into harmony. Once meditation has rooted out the true source of your unhappiness, your life will transform on many levels — and highly conscious, mindful, addiction free living will become natural.



7. Meditation gives us a “natural high”, activating the brain’s happiness center. Just as our favorite mind altering substances cause us to gethigh and crash, scientists have confirmed the same thing happening in the brain of people with addiction. A 2002 study published in the The American Journal of Psychiatry (Goldstein et al) examined the role of certain brain regions in drug addiction. What were the results?

They found that the brain’s happiness center, the frontal cortex, to be super stimulated during intoxication (the “fix”), and incredibly under-active during withdrawal (the “crash”). If only there was a better way to activate the frontal cortex! Thankfully, there is.

prominent 2005 study by Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Sara Lazar showed that meditators had significantly more neural density, cortical thickness, and overall activity within their prefrontal cortexes. What does this mean for people wanting to overcome addiction?

Meditation will stimulate and train your brain to be happy and “naturally high”, without the need for alcohol, prescriptions, marijuana, drugs, cigarettes, or any other addictive substance to feel good. More science confirming age-old meditation wisdom.
dern plague, it seems that everyone is addicted to something: whether its alcohol, tobacco, food, coffee, prescriptions, or illegal drugs. Here, we discuss 7 physiological and psychological reasons meditation is the best, most effective way to overcome any addiction — healthily, and naturally.

1. Meditation makes you a master of “Urge Surfing” Anyone suffering from addiction knows all about the “urge” — the overwhelming, tunnel-vision like, super-powerful impulse to satisfy your chosen addictive craving. It can seem like our addictions can sometimes “do us” rather than “us doing them.”

What then, is the best way to loosen the strangleholdthese self-destructive impulses have over our lives? The key to witnessing these impulses instead of being controlled by them, meditation works not by suppression or distraction (which makes things much worse) but by simply stepping aside as the waterfall of urges and cravings come and go, reducing their emotional and physiological intensity over time. When meditation puts you back in the driver seat of your mind, urges downgrade to just another thought, powerless to manipulate you in any way.


  1. Getting our addictive “fix” releases the brain’s number one pleasure chemical, dopamine. Meditation does too, but naturally.A 2004 study published in Molecular Psychiatry (Volkow et al) found that when an addict gets their “fix”, high amounts of “euphoric” brain chemicals, “dopamine”, flood certain brain regions (nucleus accumbens). Conversely, the study found dopamine levels to be extra low at other times (the crash) — which ultimately forces the brain into seeking more of the drug’s temporary dopamine boost, perpetuating the vicious circle.The researchers postulated how important it was to find a healthy and natural dopamine-releasing activity toeffectively counter addictive behavior. What then, is the best solution? Meditation. A landmark 2002 study from the John F. Kennedy Institute (Kjaer et al) found that dopamine levels of participants were boosted by a whopping 65% during meditation. Just as important, meditators dopamine levels remained at an optimally healthy rangewhen not in meditation (no crashing). When meditation makes you feel so good, healthily and naturally, addiction simply falls away.




  1. Meditation has proven to be nearly 6 times more effective than traditional drug treatment programs.A 2006 study by University of Washington researchers (Bowen et al) examined 78 substance addicted prison inmates for three months. The participants were taught meditation for 10 days, and given questionnaires to self-report their drug use at day 0 and again at day 90. What were the results?Amazingly, the study found that inmates who practiced meditation for 3 months drank 87% less alcohol, and used89% less marijuana. Furthermore, meditation was found to be almost 6 times more effective than the control group’s more traditional chemical dependency treatment plan. Another incredible example of the limitless power of meditation, especially for those who want to rid their lives of addiction.


  1. Most addictions stem from the inability to deal with stress. Meditation makes you immune to stress.Life likes to test us in many different ways, and we all have a maximum limit for how much we can handle. Crossing our stress ceiling over and over can create emotional turmoil — displayed in the form of anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, etc. If we don’t healthily and naturally deal with this pain, we find ways to cope, like addiction, to feel normal again — to feel good again.Meditation transforms your central nervous system and brain, shifting your body chemistry out of “fight or flight” survival mode, so that the stress that had you reaching for your once favorite self-medication (alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, etc.) yesterday, will no longer affect you today. By melting away a lifetime of anger, sadness, anxiety, and depression, meditation effectively raises your maximum stress threshold, leaving you immune to all addictions.



  1. Meditation elicits the same brainwaves that doctors use to treat addiction.A 2005 study published in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse (Scott et al) looked at121 patients going through an inpatient substance abuse program. The participants were given EEG biofeedback training, which put simply, puts the brainwave patternsof the user into a more advanced state of consciousness (here they used Alpha-Theta waves). What were the results?Incredibly, at a one year follow up, 77% of patients were completely drug free. What is the best way to train the brain into the super beneficial alpha-theta state without expensive biofeedback therapy? Meditation. As numerous EEG studies show, alpha and theta brainwaves dominateduring a meditative state. Indeed, the brain research community has built a mountain of evidence showing that meditation can help immensely in beating addiction, healthily and naturally .


  1. Meditation fixes the deep rooted reasons for addiction.The most effective treatment programs address the true reason for addiction — unhappiness. What is the root cause of unhappiness, and therefore, addiction? Not living consciously.If you are drifting through life, feel you have lost control, or don’t know how you got to where you are, then choosing to live consciously can change everything. Simply put, instead of making choices on autopilot (as most people do), people who live consciously become mindfully aware of everything: every thought, every action, every experience.Meditation by its very nature, is the act of conscious thought examination, it puts you face to face with all that is disharmonious in your life (especially addiction), and brings everything back into harmony. Once meditation has rooted out the true source of your unhappiness, your life will transform on many levels — and highly conscious, mindful, addiction free living will become natural.



7. Meditation gives us a “natural high”, activating the brain’s happiness center. Just as our favorite mind altering substances cause us to gethigh and crash, scientists have confirmed the same thing happening in the brain of people with addiction. A 2002 study published in the The American Journal of Psychiatry (Goldstein et al) examined the role of certain brain regions in drug addiction. What were the results?

They found that the brain’s happiness center, the frontal cortex, to be super stimulated during intoxication (the “fix”), and incredibly under-active during withdrawal (the “crash”). If only there was a better way to activate the frontal cortex! Thankfully, there is.

prominent 2005 study by Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Sara Lazar showed that meditators had significantly more neural density, cortical thickness, and overall activity within their prefrontal cortexes. What does this mean for people wanting to overcome addiction?

Meditation will stimulate and train your brain to be happy and “naturally high”, without the need for alcohol, prescriptions, marijuana, drugs, cigarettes, or any other addictive substance to feel good. More science confirming age-old meditation wisdom.

How SOUND meditation reduces your OCD

For the unfortunate sufferer, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, is a mental disorder characterized by the presence of negative/intrusive thoughts, followed by uncontrollable, often irrational patterned behaviors, which aim to soothe the resulting anxiety. These negative thoughts and their corresponding behavior patterns are known as obsessions and compulsions.

What is the typical OCD treatment?

Modern science uses medication as the primary if not the sole means of treatment. While it might be a solution in the short term, prescription medicine doesn’t deal with the root of the problem.
OCD Meditation

What is the very best OCD remedy?

Meditation. Due to society’s wish for a healthier and more natural lifestyle, meditation has been gaining massive popularity as an alternative OCD treatment.

Here are 4 key reasons meditation is so integral:

• Meditation has been used for centuries to quiet, heal, and train the mind.
• Unlike medication, there aren’t any side effects involved.
• Meditation is effective in the treatment of OCD because it removes negative thoughts and feelings, such as stress, guilt, and anxiety.
• By gaining control of the mind via meditation, impulses, obsessions, and compulsions can no longer control us.
Meditation and OCD

A clear, focused mind is incredibly powerful, with limitless potential

As you might expect, most techniques used for treating OCD involve relaxation and the elimination of “mental noise.” Meditation is by far the most effective method of achieving a quiet, distraction free, focused mind, quickly disciplining the sufferer to avoid falling back into their compulsive rituals. By providing an environment where threatening ideas are near impossible, meditation effectively makes OCD a thing of the past.

Overcoming chemical dependency through meditation

Those who are dealing with chemical dependencies, such as alcohol, drug, cigarette or even caffeine addiction, can ease the symptoms of addiction and withdrawal through meditation. If you are quitting a chemical addiction your body will undergo periods of anxiety, stress and tension. You may feel mental or emotional symptoms of withdrawal as well. Meditation can help you overcome both the physical and mental effects of chemical dependency and withdrawal, helping you quit the substance in a safe and effective manner.

Meditation can help you deal with the physiological and mental effects of chemical dependency. Since most people develop a chemical dependency to cover up or deal with an underlying problem, it is important to address the original situation as well. Meditation may be used to provide a therapeutic response to the underlying cause that led to the chemical dependency.

By dealing with the underlying issues that have caused you to have pain, sorrow, or anger you will remove the need for the addiction. That doesn’t mean, however, that the problem is solved. Once you deal with the root issue, you will still need to deal with the physical addiction that is in place as a result of the chemical dependency.

Meditation should not replace any therapies or medications that have been prescribed by your health care provider, but it should definitely complement it. Over time, your health care worker may feel that you have made enough progress and recommend that any prescription medications prescribed to treat the chemical dependency may be decreased or even stopped.

Meditation is a vitally important tool that can help ease chemical dependency by dealing with the underlying emotional cause as well as the physical effects of addiction, dependency and withdrawal. Regular meditation can be used for the long term to help prevent relapse as well.

 Increase your perception through SOUND Healing & Meditation

You likely know that SOUND meditation can increase your learning ability, your sense of inner peace, and even your overall health. But did you know that it can also increase your powers of perception? Similar to insight/intuition, perception is your ability to naturally observe and correctly interpret the world around you.

When you are perceptive, colors are brighter and flavors are more pronounced. Perceptive people better recognize how others feel and why, which can improve your relationships, your career and your sense of self. Perceptive people tend to be highly successful, with their always-on attention to details, their natural gut instincts, their smart decision making, and their natural inner GPS guidance system.

And unlike your eye color or foot size, perception is not determined at birth – you can expand your powers of perception. The best method for doing so? Meditation. You can increase your perception through regular meditation as you learn to listen, feel and explore your senses. There really are a limitless number of ways meditation can bolster your perception, here are 3:

1. A quiet, undistracted mind amplifies the senses. By letting everything else go, your busy, active mind will naturally start to slow down. When you stop thinking, wondering and worrying – even for a few moments – your mind will benefit greatly. You will notice what’s most important and start to see, listen and think more clearly, which all contribute to perception. You will begin to notice the things you may have been missing out on before, including the blueness of the sky or the sound of crickets chirping outside of your window. This new sense will spill over into your personal and professional life, giving you access to a whole world of new benefits.

2. Meditation enhances your intuition. When you start to listen to that little voice inside that tells you what’s right and what’s wrong, where you want to focus your time and effort, and what and who matters most, your intuition will grow. Too often we neglect this inner voice in favor of loud outside messages from others; meditation will teach you to look within for answers and information. Intuition and perception are divinely interconnected.

3. Increase your perception by reconnecting to the quantum. When we feel connected to each other, rather than a sense of separation, we quickly become more aware of other people, including their wants, needs, thoughts and emotions. When you see your face in others, you realize that we are more the same than we are different. This sense of connection will transform your life in the most transcendent way.

How Sound Healing & meditation gives you perspective


A fresh perspective can help you see an old issue or problem with new eyes. It can make you more thoughtful, more aware and more alert. A fresh perspective can truly provide a fresh start.

Sound Healing & Meditation, then, can give you a new, fresh perspective. Whether you are dealing with a complex issue, struggling in a relationship or dealing with past issues, meditation gives you the opportunity to put aside unproductive thoughts and gain a new perspective.

When faced with challenges, it is easy to become overwhelmed and lose perspective. You may be tempted to respond to the problem on a purely emotional basis, feeling so besieged by stress and tension that you find it difficult to solve the problem through logic and reason. Sound Healing & Meditation can help you reduce the anxiety surrounding the situation and benefit from a fresh, new perspective.

In fact, a fresh perspective can completely change a situation from negative to positive. For example, if you were feeling panicked about a giant project at work, a new perspective might help you see the project as an opportunity to excel and advance your career. Sound Healing & Meditation can clear your mind and provide the needed strength to carry through a resolution with fresh, new energy and motivation.

A fresh perspective can save a failing relationship, help you with your job performance, enable you to make important decisions that you’ve struggled with and help you take charge of your life.

If you’re struggling with issues from the past, Sound Healing & meditation can help you face them and move forward with a new outlook as you learn to breathe through pain, difficulty and confusion; if you battle fear regarding the future, meditation can help you learn to live in the present moment. A new perspective can help you enjoy your life today with appreciation for the past and hope for the future.

Increase your productivity with Sound Healing & meditation

In a busy world, we all want to do more in less time, to accomplish more without working quite so hard. With that in mind, you might be surprised to learn that Sound healing & meditation is one of the best and easiest ways that you can enhance both your productivity and your creativity.

By applying sound healing  on a regular basis, you will remove the mental blocks that often hinder the creative flow and halt productivity, meanwhile sparking the creative process and your overall sense of motivation.

When you are tired, overstressed or anxious, it is extremely difficult to be productive. If you have ever worked on a big project on a tight deadline, you’ll likely understand how this feels. As the project deadline approaches, you might feel more stressed and less creative, more panicked and less accomplished.

Sound healing & Meditation is the ideal antidote for anyone struggling with productivity due to such circumstances; it can help you feel refreshed, invigorated and ready to tackle projects of any size and scale.

Sound healing sessions truly helps you clear your mind of anxiety and stress and brings you back into the present moment. When you free your mind of obstacles, including those unfinished projects or upcoming deadlines, you gain a fresh perspective, which can be incredibly useful when you return to the project at hand.

As you apply regular sound healing session, you’ll be able to clear your mind and stimulate the creative process in less time and with greater ease. Whether you are working on a new ad campaign, planning your vegetable garden, organizing the family’s calendar for the next month or preparing for an upcoming job interview, regular sound healing sessions & meditation can boost your productivity and your creativity so that you can give your absolute best.

SOUND Meditation Helps You Quit Smoking

There is no question that the challenge to quit smoking is a very difficult one. Like many physical addictions, smoking becomes deeply entrenched in our lives. We not only become physically addicted to smoking, it becomes a habit that we associate with food, social times and relaxation. All of those behaviors have to be reprogrammed to successfully quit smoking. That is why meditation can be such a tremendous ally in the fight against smoking.

Meditation can give you new resources and a new approach that is far better than going “cold turkey” and more hopeful than many medications that are on the market today. One of the reasons that smoking becomes so deeply ingrained as a habit is that it becomes a resource to turn to when stressed. The physical relaxation that is caused by the nicotine helps bring calm and relaxation.

Meditation is superior to many anti-smoking aids because, unlike most of them, meditation provides an alternative resource to help cope with or eliminate the effects of stress. Meditation is not an overnight cure, but be encouraged that there is no time like the present to begin meditation as a way to help you quit smoking.

You don’t have to have a guru or sit in a painful position to get the tremendous relaxation and calm from meditation that can help you quit smoking. You will notice a direct impact on your self-control and your ability to reduce and finally eliminate smoking from your life. You may find, after smoking is a thing of the past, meditation will continue to serve as a positive part of your life for many years to come.

SOUND Meditation can dramatically reduce your likelihood of chronic diseases

The most common examples of chronic diseases are arthritis, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and respiratory diseases. Millions of people die from chronic diseases, and they represent 60% of all the deaths in the world.

For most of these diseases, prescription medicines effectively relieve symptoms and control the disease for a period of time. Often, these prescriptions produce unintended side effects, which can be as bad or worse than the disease itself.

For many, this results in a life-long dependency on medicines, not just to counteract disease, but to counteract other medicines. These pills are expensive, unnatural, and bad for our health and environment. There is a much better way to work through disease symptoms and control chronic illness.

SOUND Healing Meditation is not  only a cure, but it also helps alleviate pain and reduces the occurrence of chronic diseases.

When you meditate, you erase worries from the mind. When this happens, your parasympathetic nervous system creates a trance-like state, which allows your body to rest in a condition conducive to cell regeneration. As a result, blood flow increases and your heart rate is reduced. In this state, your muscle tension dissolves, your cognitive responses improve, your stamina increases, and you use oxygen more efficiently.

When you meditate, there is a significant achievement of balance in your circulatory system that helps your blood do its work, which is to cleanse the body of pathogens, or things which cause chronic illnesses and autoimmune responses.

With the improved regeneration of cells during meditation, the different parts of the body receive their due share of oxygen, nutrients, and their own units of white blood cells, or immunity cells, to fight off the microorganism which cause chronic disease.

With the human body strengthened day by day in meditation, chronic illness can be controlled, prevented, or maybe even permanently suppressed.

If you suffer from a chronic illness, meditation can help you get your symptoms and your disease under control. If you do not currently suffer an illness, meditation can prevent disease and give you greater health and energy.

How SOUND Meditation Reduces Free Radicals in the Body

A free radical is an agent which attacks our cells from the inside-out. To understand how, we must understand that our cells are made up of atoms with a nucleus at the center. This nucleus is surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged particles called electrons, which work in pairs.

For many reasons, including stress, depression, and environmental factors, an atom in one of our cells may lose an electron. The loss of an electron is how an atom becomes a free radical, which can now attack the cell it occupies, damaging and eventually killing it.

Death and damage in our cells is exactly what aging is, the solution – antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients made in the human body and found in healthy foods. Antioxidants donate their extra electrons to free radicals restoring balance.

The human body can produce its own antioxidants, but with the activities we do daily, and the toxins we are exposed to in food and in the environment, we rupture more cells than we can produce. This is especially so if we do not get adequate sleep, are over-stressed, anxious, or depressed, which is why meditation helps fight free radicals.

Meditation restores restful and peaceful states to the mind, relaxing muscles, oxygenating blood, and increasing the flow of nutrients to cells, so the body can naturally produce antioxidants.

The body gets more quality time to heal while meditating than while sleeping. When sleeping, your brain is still thinking subconsciously, as is manifesting itself in dreams. During meditation, this isn’t the case. During meditation your mind is relaxed, giving your body the energy to boost your immune system, fight disease, and produce antioxidants.

The result is increased longevity, better health, and an increased quality of life. By slowing the aging process and fighting free radicals, we reduce our risks of cancer and disease. Meditation is the fountain of youth we have all been waiting for, and it is available to you right now. All you have to do is get started.

SOUND Meditation Helps Reduce PMS Symptoms

Premenstrual Syndrome, or PMS, is an array of physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms, which include bloating, irritability, anxiety, and depression. Women who suffer from PMS show symptoms in the forms of episodic mood swings, headaches, emotional sensitivity, and insomnia.

For as long as we have known about PMS, doctors have prescribed various mood medications, such as anti-anxiety medicines and anti-depressants. Fortunately, women have another place to turn to control all PMS symptoms, no matter how mild or severe.

Science has recently discovered ways to alleviate the worst symptoms of PMS by confronting the emotional and psychological symptoms which put personal and professional relationships at risk. The way to counter the negative emotions experienced during PMS is not prescription drugs, but through creating more positive emotions and optimistic thoughts in the mind using meditation.

SOUND Meditation can be used to increase loving and trusting feelings in the mind. These are powerful feelings for everyone, and they increase happiness and relaxation. These emotions ease muscled tensions and counteract depression and anxiety. Through meditation, PMS sufferers can actually change the negative nature of their thoughts, reducing irritability without lashing out at lovers, children, or co-workers, and without medicating themselves.

The emotional changes experienced during meditation also do much to alleviate physical PMS symptoms. Meditation relaxes the entire body, creating a trance-like state, more restful than sleep. During meditation, the brain commands the body to release good hormones, improve blood flow, reduce stress levels, and repair cells and tissues. This can reduce cramping, headaches, other muscle aches, and bloating.

PMS can be debilitating, and the mood swings experienced during PMS can cause problems in our personal and professional life, leading some to turn to medication. By learning meditation and making it a part of your life, you can correct the symptoms of PMS and control them so they don’t control you.

How SOUND meditation reduces your hypertension.

The line between the body, mind and spirit are so obscure that some believe there is no separation. What affects one part of us affects our entire being. Hypertension is a good example. Because hypertension is directly related to our blood pressure, it is possible to have a direct effect on hypertension by controlling stress and our reactions to stress. The ability of meditation to control stress and hypertension has been impressive.

It might seem like meditation is primarily a mental exercise, but, in practice, the combination of quieting the body through posture, learning to control breathing, and calming the mind make meditation a perfect therapy for hypertension. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute have done a number of studies on the effects of meditation on high blood pressure and hypertension. The results were overwhelmingly supportive that meditation is one of the best natural ways to bring down blood pressure and to do so without expensive medications.

One such study of the effects of meditation on hypertension was reported in Hypertension Magazine. They found that systolic blood pressure dropped by more than 10 points and that the diastolic blood pressure fell by over 6 points in patients who were using meditation as a treatment for hypertension. If the patient repeats the meditation exercise in 20-minute sessions every day, the hypertension can be controlled and the effects of high blood pressure drastically minimized in the life of the patient.

Obviously, meditation does not remove the causes of stress. But by putting the patient who suffers with hypertension into a relaxed physical, emotional and mental state, he or she can cope with life’s demands much more effectively.

If you suffer with hypertension, you can begin to learn and utilize the power of meditation immediately to improve your life and your health.

How SOUND meditation can reduce your road rage

Road rage, a growing epidemic, is very dangerous – very many people are killed every day because of it. Very preventable, it can be avoided by taking a little time out of your day to meditate. If you know you have road rage then that is the first step in overcoming it.

Daily Singing Bowls meditation session will get you in the right mind set to overcome the emotions that lead to road rage. It helps release feel-good hormones in your body, calming your mind, body and soul -giving you a positive attitude all the time, even on the road.

You will realize that other drivers have stress in their lives, just like you. Singing Bowls Meditation will help you remember this. Meditation increases awareness, a driving necessity – allowing you to be more aware of the traffic around you, making adjustments as needed. As you meditate with Singing Bowls more and more, it will be easier and more natural for you to calm your anger, making your understanding and compassion of everyone, including other drivers on the road, easier.

Road rage can be caused by many factors and is very easy to set off…. if you are in the wrong mind frame. Add daily Sound healing meditation – balance your mind, freeing it of any negativity, allowing you to be at peace on the road.

SOUND Healing & Meditation reduces high blood pressure

Studies show that SOUND healing & meditation for twenty minutes a day will reduce high blood pressure. This is a fact that has long been recognized by medical communities everywhere and continues to be studied as an alternative to medications.

Along with a healthy diet and exercise, daily meditation gives that extra boost needed to reduce high blood pressure. Stress is a major contributor to high blood pressure and many forms of heart disease. Doctors are finding out that meditation can reduce the negative effects of stress, lower stress hormones, and help you cope with future stress better. When your stress is under control, your blood pressure drops and stress hormone levels return to normal. You sleep better, eat better, and become healthier.

Sound meditation techniques that calm the mind and alleviate stress require focusing the Sacred SOUND. When you do this, you teach your subconscious mind to take the control of your body & you immediately let stressful thoughts go and become more relaxed. In this moment of concentration, you can see your problems and daily stresses as they are: empty, transient, and impermanent.

Every time you experience SOUND meditation, melting your stress layers, you are improving your blood pressure and creating more peace of mind. There is no faster, more effective way to calm yourself and get your life and your health back under your control than regular SOUND meditation.

SOUND Healing & Meditation increases feelings of vitality and rejuvenation

Throughout history mankind has searched for an anti-aging key and the secret to rejuvenation. Royalty sent voyagers around the planet in search of it, and people from all walks of life have sought or tried a variety of supposed remedies. From herbal elixirs to grotesque practices, ancient anti-aging methods were often based more on myth than fact. While we may never find that fountain of youth or elixir of life through the Philosopher’s Stone, we can rejuvenate the mind and body with the help of SOUND meditation.

As damaged cells accumulate, they hinder proper organ function and skin elasticity. The skin shows this most of all, of course, as it is the largest organ and is visible at all times. Consumers spend time and money on skincare products with hopes of reversing visible signs such as wrinkles, but this approach doesn’t address the internal signs and symptoms of age. Rejuvenation is about repairing damaged cells and replacing old tissue, which also prevents deterioration of the heart, lungs, kidneys, and other vital organs. It is from a full-body approach that one feels renewed and revitalized.

The scientific approaches to regeneration include implantation of stem cells and induction of residual cells for restoration. While SOUND meditation and other holistic approaches to healing are often considered more spiritual than scientific, research from the scientific community supports findings from ancient practitioners that meditation does in fact improve health and slow the aging process.
Meditation boosts immune system activity, as witnessed in studies using Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and places the mind and body in a state wherein healing occurs more quickly. Heightened immunity helps the organ systems fight bacteria and viruses while preventing infiltration from those that haven’t yet attacked. Within an altered state of consciousness, or the alpha state, the body may also be better able to repair itself due to a decreased level of stress hormones. Total relaxation allows the cells to more easily reproduce for new growth and repair damage that leads to disease.

Not only does one feel healthier and more relaxed with continuous practice of SOUND meditation, he is not as susceptible to pain and stress. This enhancement in physical function and state of mind is what produces a renewed sense of vitality. SOUND Meditation can slow the aging process significantly and improve one’s quality of life safely and naturally.

How SOUND Healing & Meditation Soothes Your Nerves

The Nervous System, known as the control center of the body, is one of the most vital systems in the human body. It is responsible for the proper function of two main responses: voluntary conscious responses activated by muscles; involuntary responses not under our control, such as breathing, sweating, digestion, etc.

SOUND Meditation soothes the nerves: It is the sympathetic nervous system that is affected the most by anxiety, tension, fatigue and depression, and experts have proven that meditation alone can dramatically reduce the many negative effects brought about by these emotions.

SOUND Meditation activates the “good” nervous system: By activating the parasympathetic nervous system, meditation healthfully slows down heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, sweating, and soothing all other sympathetic nervous system fight or flight functions.

Modern man has evolved beyond stress and anxiety: In truth, there are very few real times, other than a true emergency, that we really need our sympathetic nervous system’s “fight or flight” responses which our ancient hunter gatherer ancestors needed for daily survival.
Soothe Your Nerves With Meditation

Much of modern society’s endless anxiety is self created, it is not necessary to constantly be in survival mode. SOUND Meditation is the key to restore our genetic right to a quiet, focused, and peaceful mind, the only environment for true happiness.

SOUND Meditation creates a complexity of responses that mark a highly relaxed state.
SOUND Meditation enhances breathing, increases oxygen uptake, improves nutrient flow, and improves circulation. When you are stressed, tense, & anxious, your blood’s lactate level increases, which can lead to an array of problems. These levels are greatly reduced during meditation much more quickly and effectively than with medicine or other methods.

SOUND Meditation creates the holy grail of relaxation responses: According to the world famous author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, Dr. Borysenko, meditation teaches us just how important it is to regularly activate the body’s natural “relaxation response” – training our minds through SOUND meditation so that stress responses simply can’t take over, perpetually maintaining our mental/emotional health and general well-being.

How SOUND Healing & Meditation removes your bad habits

So many people have at least one or two habits that they wish they could do away with. Some people have been smoking all of their lives and wish to quit, other people drink too much and would like to be able to reduce their alcohol consumption.

Others among us have less serious habits that we are having just as hard a time shaking, as even little things like nail biting can seem impossible to let go of. Thankfully, there are a number of different practices that we can employ to change our habits, and SOUND  meditation is one of the best.

There are a couple of big reasons why SOUD meditation is so good at helping get rid of bad habits. Maybe the biggest reason is the fact that SOUND meditation creates a lot of self-awareness.

As you meditate you continuously penetrate layer after layer of yourself, moving past the lies and delusions that we so often tell ourselves.

As you meditate, it’s likely that you’ll move past those surface level lies that justify your bad behaviour (things like I drink a lot to have fun) and get to the core of why we engage in these behaviours.

Once you see why you do what you do, it’s a lot easier to eliminate the bad habit from its root cause.


Meditation also helps you focus on what you really want, it helps you identify what will really satisfy you in the way that your bad behaviour doesn’t, and it will help you visualize a reality without that bad behaviour.

While this may seem like a somewhat abstract way to think about it, the fact of the matter is meditation actually does work to affect these changes. In a recent study (Marlatt, Pagano, Rose, Marques) researchers studied the effects of meditation and other structured relaxation techniques among heavy social drinkers.

They found that the patients with a history of heavy social drinking who began to practice meditation “ had a significant reduction in alcohol consumption.” And in the end, it’s results like those that show the power of meditation to illicit positive changes in your habits.

Require less sleep with SOUND meditation

As restful as a full night’s sleep, SOUND meditation is perfect for people who struggle with sleep disorders. Whether you have difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep or waking up each morning, here a 5 reasons SOUND meditation can help you sleep and dream easier:

1. Increased Melatonin: The first reason SOUND meditation makes you need less sleep is because it increases the production of melatonin in our bodies. Melatonin is a hormone known for creating restful sleep – many insomniacs have problems producing enough of this very vital chemical, and is key if you want to sleep like you did when you were a baby.

2. Melts Stress & Anxiety: Another reason meditation makes you need less sleep – it causes the everyday stresses and anxieties that we feel to become far less impacting on our bodies and minds. Meditation rids our minds of the capacity to experience these dysfunctional emotions – making those late night tossing and turnings a thing of the past.
Meditation Vs Sleep

  1. No More Mind Chatter:Most of the reason we can’t fall asleep at night is mind chatter – our minds not being able to slow down from the anxieties and stresses that we face on a daily basis. When the mind is calmed through meditation, sleep becomes natural and easy.4. Restores Balance: Since the body repairs itself while you are asleep, seven to eight hours of sleep each night is critical to your long-term health and well-being, not to mention your sanity! As your body begins to return to a state of natural balance, you will need less sleep, since the hours you do get are more restful and productive. The more you meditate, the shorter your sleep cycle is, with your body needing less to fully recharge your battery.5. Stills the Mind: Meditation quiets the mind and brings the body to a state of rest, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of beneficial and uninterrupted sleep. By always waking up feeling refreshed and renewed, SOIUND meditation allows a healthy cycle of rest and wakefulness.

SOUND Healing & Meditation restores your natural Ph Balance.

If you snoozed too much in chemistry, here’s a quick rundown of Ph Balance. The Ph scale starts at 0 and goes all the way up to 14. Divided into three categories, your PH balance says a lot about how healthy you are. A Ph balance of 0-7 is considered acidic,7 is neutral and 7-14 is considered alkaline. To put this in perspective, from cancer to Parkinson’s and everything in between, anyone with a disease has an acidic Ph balance.

If you are suffering from an illness or if you simply want to remain healthy, working towards a high Ph level is vital. SOUND Healing & Meditation can be a very helpful aid in achieving and maintaining a healthy Ph level. But how does this work?

SOUND meditation effectively increases mood stabilizing neurotransmitters in your brain such as GABA and also DHEA hormone levels. The latter is very important for maintaining a healthy body and mind as low levels of DHEA are known factors for heart disease, cancer and other illnesses. In addition, SOUND meditation also raises the levels of more recognizable hormones such as endorphins that help lower pain levels, serotonin known to help fight the blues and cortisol that aids your body in burning fat.

While the science behind Ph levels and their links to meditation can be difficult to comprehend, the important thing is that the benefits they have for our bodies and minds are as limitless as the countless molecules within our bodies. Don’t put off until tomorrow the peace and health you could have today. Make an appointment with yourself and discover true peace and health. After all, for SOUND meditation – it’s the most cost effective doctor you’ll ever visit.

How SOUND Healing & Meditation slows your mind’s aging

Does it come as a surprise to anyone that SOUND meditation can significantly slow down your mind’s aging? Think about it for a minute. How do you slow down the rate of your muscular degeneration? By exercising, of course. Regularly spending dedicated time to exercise and train your muscles not only improves their health in that moment, but makes them better able to deal with the daily challenges that they will have to meet.

The same holds true for meditation, which can be thought of as a method of mental training. When you meditate you improve the strength, health and clarity of your brain in the moment, and you make it better able to meet the mental challenges of your daily life. To put it simply, meditating will make your daily mental challenges that much easier, resulting in less stress, resulting in slower brain aging.

Recent research corroborates this long-understood benefit of meditation. In a study conducted by a well know scientist Sara Lazar and colleagues, it was found that regularly entering into a meditative state can be associated with an increase in cortical thickness (brain thickness, roughly speaking). As you age, it is natural that you will experience significant cortical thinning- provided you don’t do anything to slow this thinning down. While there are a number of factors that result in cortical thinning, age is probably the biggest of these.

In their study, they found that middle aged people who meditated were likely to have the same level of cortical thickness as individuals who were 20 to 30 years younger than them. The data suggests “regular practice of meditation may slow the rate of neural degeneration…”

Meditation has been used for thousands of years to both increase focus and mental clarity in the moment, and to retain those mental faculties for a lifetime. Medical science is now proving these deep understandings to be true, giving an extra level of validity to this ancient practice.

SOUND Healing & meditation helps slow your aging


We know we can’t stop aging, but we can certainly optimize the aging process. Here, we discuss 4 ways SOUND meditation is the proverbial fountain of youth for everyone — both young and old:

1. SOUND Meditation repairs old, frayed DNA strands.
Have you ever noticed how a new president (or other person of power) seems to age a decade within their first couple years in office? Stress, according to many longevity scientists, is the new “biological clock” — a dominant force which can make you look old long before your time. In fact, the tip-like “telomeres” within our DNA begin to “fray”, just like the shoe laces on your favourite running shoes, over time and especially under stress.

A great way to measure outward aging, luckily telomere damage can be slowed down and even reversed. Scientists at the University of California-Davis found meditators to have remarkably more telomerase activity within their white blood cells, indicating far greater health and longevity. Indeed, adding both quantity and quality years to your life is the SOUND meditation standard.
SOUND Meditation And Longevity


  1. SOUND Meditation helps the biochemicals specific to longevity.
    Dr. Vincent Giampapa, M.D. a well-known longevity researcher, discovered that when someone reaches the brainwave frequencies of meditation, Alpha & Theta, DHEA levels went up 40% to 90%, melatonin was boosted up to 300%, while the “age accelerator” cortisol was lowered by half .

In case you didn’t know, DHEA and melatonin are best known for memory, feelings of well being, immune system function, & creating restful sleep. Cortisol is the one hormone you want less of — as too much can raise your blood pressure, slow your brain, cause inflammation, and cause you to become overweight & weak. SOUND Meditation makes all the good juices flow (while reducing the bad ones), keeping you young and healthy.
SOUND Healing & Meditation for Positivity


  1. Positive thinkers live nearly a decade longer.A recent 23 year long study of 660 people (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology) concluded that participants with a positive attitude lived nearly 7.5 years longer than the control group, after all other factors were normalized. To put this into perspective, physical exercise only adds about 2 years.A 2005 study by Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Sara Lazar showed that meditators had greatly increased prefrontal cortical thickness, an area of the brain associated with high levels of happiness. Another example of science proving what practitioners have known for centuries — meditation allows us to live fuller, happier, and longer lives.


How SOUND Healing & Meditation Slows The Aging Process


  1. SOUND Meditation works wonders for the aging brain.

Getting older can wreak havoc on the brain. As the old saying goes, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” Poor memory, inability to focus, and clouded thinking all tend to manifest themselves within the confines of the aging brain. The good news is that SOUND meditation fixes all of the above. Meditation strengthens the hippocampus and frontal lobe, each known for short and long term memory.

When meditators brains are put under the scientific microscope, a state best known as “whole brain synchronization” can be seen. In this advanced state of mind, hemispheric blood flow increases between the right and left hemispheres, much like how a joggers legs get pumped during a brisk 3 mile run. The benefits during this state are immense for the aging brain, including higher cognitive functioning — accelerated learning, better reading comprehension, better writing, more articulate speech, higher IQ, increased creativity, etc.

Meditation not only reverses much of what father-time does to us, it can also raise your brain power to levels much higher than even your prime years.

Boosting the Immune System with SOUND Healing & Meditation

The human immune system is made of complex biological structures and processes. It is our defense against external invaders, like viruses and bacteria. If the immune system is weak, the human body will fail to operate normally and will eventually die. SOUND Meditation is a holistic approach to strengthening the immune system, and scientific data prove the positive effects of meditation on the body and mind. Here are 5 key things you should know:

  1. SOUND Healing & Meditation boosts antibodies.

A recent study confirmed that, after given weekly SOUD Healing & meditation for few weeks , 48 biotech workers had significantly higher levels of antibodies than the control group, their coworkers, as well as higher levels than before the study. Best known for neutralizing foreign agents like viruses and bacteria, antibodies are paramount to a healthy immune system, thereby making SOUND meditation a frontrunner for the immune system’s best exercise award.

  1. SOUND Healing & Meditation melts away stress.

SOUND Meditation, through its ability to undo the damage caused by daily stress, is your immune system’s greatest ally. When you focus in meditation, you release stressful thoughts and remove yourself from the daily pressures and demands on your body, mind, and emotions. This creates a more positive state, increasing oxygen uptake and blood flow, while allowing feelings of relaxation, love, trust, and well-being to permeate.

  1. SOUND Healing & Meditation stimulates immune system brain-function regions.

SOUND Healing & Meditation increases electrical activity in the prefrontal cortex, the right anterior insula, and right hippocampus; all parts that control positive emotion, awareness, & anxiety. These are also the areas of the brain which act as a command center for your immune system, and when stimulated, make the immune system function much more effectively. A fortified immune system wards of all would-be invaders.

Naturally Boosting Immune System

  1. The immune system is intimately linked to thoughts.

Since your immune system, for reasons unknown, responds to both negative thoughts and positive thoughts, SOUND meditation creates the perfect environment for the immune system to flourish. This means better health, more energy, and greater happiness. In case you didn’t know, these are the ingredients for a wonderful and productive life.

  1. Everyone wants to be happy and healthy.

Is it such a surprise that happiness and health are intertwined? Through SOUND meditation, you increase your health by increasing your happiness, reducing stress, and stimulating your brain to activate your immune system. There are no surgeries, pills, or magical potions which can do all that, which is why SOUND meditation is your key to a strong immune system.

SOUND Meditation activates production of  Theta Brainwaves

The Benefits of Theta Brainwaves

Among the four dominant types of brainwaves, the Theta wave has earned the reputation of perhaps being the “most creative”. The dominant pattern when people are in the dream stages of their sleep, a person with increased Theta brainwaves during waking activity has a very high level of thinking and creativity. With a high amplitude and frequency of 4 Hz to 8 Hz, Theta waves are often dominant in the brain’s right hemisphere, which is also the hemisphere of highly-creative people. Here are some of the benefits you might enjoy with an increased Theta brainwave production:


Higher Level of Intuition

Trusting in your instinct isn’t as primal as you may think. In fact, your gut-instinct is derived from an increased production of Theta brainwaves, strengthening that powerful link to your higher self, making decisions and assessing problems a very natural and easy process.

Reduces Anxiety And Stress

Since Theta brainwaves keep a person relaxed, it helps in minimizing anxiety and stress, allowing you to slow down your overactive thought processes. As a result, you get to calm your mind and body more, reducing the chances of being affected by stress and/or anxiety.

Helps You Control Your Subconscious

While people have full control of themselves when they are conscious, it’s a whole different ballgame when it comes to dealing with their subconscious. However, with regular production of Theta brainwaves, you’re able to eliminate any emotional blockages you may have, allowing you to accept suggestions and ideas more, helping you re-program your brain to suit your needs.


Gives You The Ability to “Hyperfocus”

Hyperfocus occurs when a person is able to focus his or her thoughts on only one task at a time. Have you ever been “in the zone”? By increasing the production of Theta brainwaves, you’re able prevent any noise, distractions, or disturbances from keeping you from finishing the task at hand.

Promotes Better Language Learning And Development

For those who want to learn a new language, in addition to studying, Theta brainwave production can help you learn a new language at a faster rate. Students specializing in foreign languages are some of the people who stand to benefit from an increase in Theta waves.

Strengthens Your Immune System

Aside from being associated with sleep and focus, Theta brainwaves are also known to increase a person’s vitality by suppressing harmful hormones, while allowing the production of good ones into the body’s system. Stay young and healthy!

Helps Establish A Better Emotional Connection

Having a deeper understanding allows you to empathize and establish a better connection with others, done via the mind’s increased production of Theta brainwaves.


Improved Creativity

Creativity often comes when a person maintains a calm and relaxed state of mind, allowing you to maintain a relaxed attitude, resulting in a free flowing of ideas that can help you in your work or studies. Theta brainwaves ensure that you develop an enhanced mindset helping you perform better in all of your creative endeavors.

Theta brainwaves are able to improve both the physical and mental aspects of your body while allowing you to perform better and live much longer.

SOUND Healing & Meditation results in less energy wasted

Most people live are constantly burning off more energy than they need for whatever task they are engaged in. They worry when they should be care-free, they tense their whole body when they should be totally relaxed. All of these things add up to a lot of wasted energy, which makes us feel drained and depleted throughout our day. Furthermore, all of this tension that we accumulate during the day makes sleep and rest that much harder, and we don’t end up recovering and replenishing our reserves fully at night. SOUND Meditation can help with all of these problems.

SOUND Meditation is a great way to reduce mental tension. It’s about letting go, and about learning to slip past all of those competing thoughts. It’s about letting go of stress, and about learning to focus on one thing at a time. Not only does that reduce worry, but it also makes it easier to get through our mental daily obstacles. SOUND Meditation teaches you to think with your foot off your mental brakes.

The same holds true for our physical bodies. If you pay attention to your body right now, you’ll probably notice that you are tensing all sorts of body parts for no reason. Why do you need to have a tensed jaw, neck and shoulders when you are sitting and reading an article on SOUND meditation? Why do you need to clench your whole body when you are simply walking down the street? It takes a lot of energy to hold all that tension, and learning to let go of it through SOUND meditation will make sure you only expend the energy that any given moment requires.

Finally, SOUND meditation helps you sleep, which helps you restore your energy stores and makes you fresh and ready for the coming day.

Several Scientific & clinical Sound healing research have proven that over an few days of beginners SOUND Meditation practice, meditation practitioners have more restful sleep. The better you sleep, the better you’ll be able to replenish those stores of energy that you ultimately have to dip in to during your day to day

Gaining tolerance through Sound Healing & Meditation

Tolerance involves a mixture of patience and understanding, and it’s a useful quality in relationships, jobs and difficult situations.

As you continue to practice sound healing & meditation on a regular basis, your tolerance to stress, frustration and challenging situations will all grow. Sound healing & Meditation teaches you to clear your mind of the negative thoughts that tend to run through your mind on a cyclical loop each day and focus more on the present, letting go of past frustrations and future anxieties. The more you experience sound healing session & meditatation, the more resilient you will be when you face a crisis- you will discover that what used to cause you worry no longer affects you.

Additionally, you’ll find that sound healing & meditation will increase your tolerance for other people. Sound healing sessions with singing bowls involves deep self-reflection and increased self-awareness. By taking inventory of your own life and thoughts, you’ll learn to understand where you can be more tolerant, more patient and more loving. As you meditate and learn to accept yourself for who you are, it’s also easier to accept others, despite (and even because of) any differences you might have.

In some cases and some relationships, it simply isn’t feasible to seek restoration because the pain and hurt is too deep. That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to live the rest of your life with unresolved issues regarding that person. Sound healing sessions can help you bring unsolved conflicts to a resolution even if you are no longer in contact with that individual. By applying sound healing sessions, you can seek closure on unresolved issues, helping you develop tolerance as you let go of hurt or anger.

Interestingly, people who meditate with SOUND regularly also report increased tolerance to pain, extreme temperatures and other situations. Sound Healing teaches you to breathe through difficulty, resulting in myriad benefits for regular practitioners.

Whether it’s tolerance for a crying baby on an airplane, a past relationship, a challenging project at work or for mistakes you’ve made previously, sound healing sessions can help you gain tolerance in significant areas of your life and your relationships.

SOUND Healing & Meditation can give you whole brain synchronization.

When you think of SOUND meditation what comes to mind? If you said yoga, peace or maybe even spirituality you are in good company. In fact, the vast majority of the planet’s population has yet to be introduced to the science of SOUND meditation.

There is solid proof in the medical and scientific communities that indicate SOUND meditation doesn’t just focus your brain, it alters it. In a scientific experiment, patients were given a first-time brain scan and then asked to meditate with SOUND for a period of eight weeks. In each instance after the eight week period all secondary brain scans showed an increase in the thickness of the brain’s cortex in both areas of sensory processing and attention.

In addition, doctors reported a notable growth in new neurons in the brain, an increase in brain connections, branches and newly created pathways. There was also a report of the widening of blood vessels which indicated an increase in blood flow to the brain, and scientists believe that these results are only scratching the surface of the benefits of SOUND meditation, there is much still left to be revealed.

With the vast amount of proof behind the claim of SOUND meditation “bettering” our brains and helping them function better as wholes, it is no wonder that more and more people are beginning to introduce not only themselves but their children and aging parents to the practice. The benefits that SOUND meditation offers are something that shouldn’t be kept to oneself.

If you know someone who could benefit from SOUND healing & meditation and it’s perks, introduce them to the practice today. From memory improvement for Alzheimer’s patients to pain relief for cancer fighters, when it comes to SOUND meditation and the science behind it – it just might make all the difference in a life that’s both peaceful and healthy.

 How SOUND Healing & Meditation increases your wisdom

With a SOUND mind follows SOUND judgment: this is the beginning of wisdom. A SOUND mind is one that is not disturbed by negative thoughts and emotions, or irrational fears. When the mind is overtaken with negativity, we actually become more self-centered and self-focused. This internal spiral clouds our judgment, and leads us to mistrust others and judge them harshly.

When one does not feel inner peace, he or she is not able to discern things in a true way. Many people misjudge others and make poor decisions because they are acting from a view that is very selfish, which is to say, very short-sighted. Since life is impermanent, and material items must be left behind, selfish actions are irrational. Only meditation can teach us this.

With SOUND healing & meditation, acts of selfishness, anger, and other negative emotions are taken away. The reason is that the mind, where fears and negative emotions are created and used to manufacture stories about our world, which can be either true or false, is brought under control. The mind is silenced and made peaceful. In this state, true seeing begins.

With a clear mind and compassionate soul developed through SOUND healing & meditation, we are in the best position to possess and exercise wisdom. A clear mind does not name and categorize, and it does not judge things as good or bad. The clear mind sees things as they really are, and truth is what wisdom really is.

By meditating with Sacred SOUNDS regularly, we sharpen our judgment and wisdom by removing our own self-centered fears and illusions about the world. In SOUND meditation, the mind loses its control, and comes under the control of the higher self. This means it is possible for us to see further and deeper than non-meditators, and gives us the ability to make decisions based on truth & wisdom

How SOUND healing & meditation develops your will power.

SOUND Meditation provides many benefits, but did you ever realize that it develops your will power? SOUND Meditation helps reduce stress, improves emotional and physical well being, and helps ward off the negative effects from stress hormones, but it also helps you become in tune with your inner self. Through SOUND meditation you can learn to hear and trust your inner voice, allowing you to find new determination and develop your will power.

Today’s lifestyle is fast paced, everyone wants what they want instantly and it is difficult to take time to slow down and really listen to what your body is saying. Many people live their lives on a fast paced routine without a chance to stop and truly think about the decisions and choices they are making. Through SOUND meditation you can learn that no matter where you are, or whatever the situation, you can always stop, rest, reflect and breathe. Doing so brings an inner awareness of your true self, your thoughts and your true character. When you achieve this balance and tap into your inner self, your will power is developed as you find the strength to make decisions and stand by them.

Stress robs people of the ability to make clear, focused decisions and can lead people to live their lives like hamsters running on a wheel trapped in a cage. Whether it’s work, taking care of children, the pressures of school or even the uncertainty of the future, stress can cause you to live your life constantly responding to what you are faced with and prevent you from taking charge of the situation. When you learn the secret to stopping the wheel and find the tools to get out of the cycle, you can hear your inner self more clearly than ever before.

Through SOUND meditation you can deal with the stress and pressures of life that hound you every day. SOUND Meditation will help you learn how to take control of the situations facing you and by doing so, you’ll find that you develop the will power needed to meet your goals and take charge of your

How SOUND Healing & Meditation improves skin resistance

Think of your skin as a protective covering. Think of it as your garment. How would you feel without it?

The skin, our largest organ, has a number of functions- it is the first barrier against disease – it protects our internal organs from extreme temperatures by acting as insulation – it gets rid of the chemicals that our bodies do not need. It is therefore important that we take care of it and do what we can to improve our skin resistance. SOUND Meditation improves skin resistance through the strengthening and speeding up the skin’s cell regeneration process.

The skin is made up of nerves, follicles, and sensory receptors. As the cells mature, they are pushed outwards by newer cells, which then get worn out by our day-to-day activities, and those too need to be replaced. The problem is that the body needs time to regenerate cells and rebuild dead cells. SOUND Meditation allows the body to be able to use the nutrients allotted for the skin much more efficiently. When a person is under stress, the skin is normally the first to show signs of weariness through pimples, sagging eye bags, and so on.

How SOUND meditation impacts the skin works in a similar way to how it makes changes to health, blood circulation, breathing, and everything else. You are training your mind and body to focus on healing and protecting itself, optimizing it to function the way it should.

People, who apply SOUND healing & Meditation are scientifically proven to be happier and healthier? It’s true. And they have greatly extended life spans, too. As a matter of fact, there have been numerous studies showing that sound healing dramatically reduces, and even reverses disease of all types.

But the benefits of SOUND Healing & Meditation with Singing Bowls don’t stop there. Our Studies also show that the people who experience regular sound healing session, are able to achieve the deepest levels of meditative states – are able to tap into dormant levels of brain function they never thought possible – levels of function that exist in each and every one of us – resulting in increased intelligence, creativity, and success in life.

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