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Advanced Healing Set

Ancient Healing Set

IASH Ancient Singing Bowls Set is an extremely powerful SOUND healing tool, based on Ancient Tibetan Sound Healing Principles.

This  Set consists of 4 pcs. of hand-hammered therapeutic grade Singing Bowls of Specific sizes, shapes, musical notes & Frequencies  + 1 Large Size high-quality Tingsha bell

Singing Bowls No. 1 –  AHSB 1

Singing Bowl No. 2 –  AHSB 2

Singing Bowl No. 3 – AHSB 3

Singing Bowl No. 4 – AHSB 4

Large Size Tingsha Bell


Woollen Felt Strikers: 2 Pcs.  ( XL Size – 2 pcs., L size – 1 Pc.)
Leather Strikers: 2 Pc. ( XL Size: 2 Pcs.  )
Cushion: 4 Pcs. (XL Size – 4 pcs. )

Anti Slip Mat: 4 Pcs.
Eco – Friendly Jute bag: 1 Pc

This Powerful SOUND Healing tool consists of 100% Handmade Bowl & chosen among hundreds & thousands of bowls for their rich tonal qualities, specific frequencies, perfect musical notes, shapes & sizes.


  • Highly effective to heal long-standing, deep emotional blockages / Traumatic experiences.
  • One of the most powerful SOUND healing tool for PTSD, Rape victims, Child abuse, Sexual abuse, War victims  & Patients suffering from any other kind of traumatic experiences in life like the death of friends & family in the Natural disaster, Accidents, etc
  • Helps to recover quickly from injuries & surgeries.

Highly Recommended For: Health Care Professionals working with Patients suffering from Long standing, Deep Emotional blockages / Traumatic Experiences

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