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singing bowls no. 2

IASH Singing Bowl No. 2, from New Age Healing Set

by IASH,

Master Healing Grade Singing Bowl with deep Meditative, gentle and therapeutic healing vibrations. Exceptional Quality, Professional Healing Grade, scientifically designed SOUND healing tool for personal & Professional application.  This is one of the most amazing IASH Singing bowls to work all over cellular Body. Specifically applicable for any kind of Joint Pain, Foot and Hand Reflex Zones Therapy to Heal all the major Organs in the body, One of the best medicine for Hypertension, heals circulatory ailments, Best for children suffering from ADHD and Autism disorders, Helpful in pregnancy etc.

Woollen Felt Strikers (SF1 Size ) : 1 Pc.
Leather Strikers ( SL2 Size ) :
1 Pc.
Cushion ( XL size ):
1 Pc.

Anti Slip Mat : 1 Pc.
Eco – Friendly Jute bag :
1 Pc

  • Hand and Foot reflex zones therapy to heal all the major organs in the body.
  • Highly effective to treat Hypertension / High Blood Pressure
  • One of the Best Energy medicine to heal any kind of Joint Pain
  • Helpful in pregnancy to relax and calm down the mother and taking care of their emotional and mental health.
  • A great Medicine for children suffering from ADHD and Autism etc.


 Highly recommended for: Students, Home Makers, Health Care Professionals, Pregnant Women, Spiritual Seekers, or any individual willing to apply Sound healing for self-care.

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