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Students Mindfulness Workshop

Students Mindfulness Workshop

IASH Sound Therapy is an ideal treatment for all children and can be easily used at home or in the classroom. Whether your child is developing and performing normally, is exceptionally gifted, or is experiencing some kind of learning or developmental difficulties, Sound Therapy can be a valuable support.


IASH highly specialized therapy protocols with Singing Bowls is quite effective to help & heal children with learning disability. SOUND Healing is just as effective for babies, as early as in the womb, children of all ages.


Working with Singing Bowls strengthen a positive attitude and good self-image in children.


The relaxed meditative state offers the child a sanctuary from Stress & Restlessness.


Singing Bowls expand playful activity, fantasy & creativity in children.


Deep Sounds of Singing Bowls are calming and instill confidence, enhance concentration. It has miraculous healing effects on children suffering from autism, ADHD, Low self-esteem etc.

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