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Master Chakra Set

Master Chakra Set

Master Healing Grade, Hand hammered, Chakra set of Large & Huge size Tibetan Singing Bowls, created with a highly scientific approach by IASH, based on ancient Vedic principles & healing sciences & one of the world’s most powerful & finest SOUND healing tool in its class.

IASH, through long years of experience & dedicated research, have gained valuable expertise in creating Master Chakra set of Singing. Our artisans are inheritors of this ancient art, passed on through generations of their ancestors & have attained mastery of their art creates superior quality healing grade Singing Bowls.

IASH Master Chakra Set of Singing Bowl is the First choice of Health Care Professionals, Yoga & meditation Practitioners, Sound Healers & Musicians, worldwide.

The magical, deep & powerful vibrations of IASH Master chakra set are highly effective in balancing chakras, spiritual growth, and treatment of several kinds of critical physical, mental & emotional disorders.

IASH Master Chakra Singing Bowls are best out of best in terms of sound sustenance, tonal / vibration quality & perfectly attuned to human chakra systems.

This amazing SOUND healing set consists of 7 pcs. of Singing Bowls having the exact frequency related to chakras, the seven major energy centers of the human body and created with a highly scientific approach for the personal & professional application.

100% Handmade Bowl, created by IASH master artisans & chosen among hundreds & thousands of bowls for their rich tonal qualities, specific frequencies, perfect musical notes, shapes & sizes.  Bowls could have frequencies 2 Hz. + or – & in general it is acceptable, for professional healing work worldwide.


C Note: 35 cms dia,  65.41 hz. ( 2 hz. + or – )

D Note: 33 cms  dia, 73.42 hz. ( 2 hz + or – )

E Note: 30 cms dia, 82.41 hz. ( 2 Hz + or – )

F Note: 28 cms dia,  87.31 hz. ( 2 hz + or – )

G Note: 25 cms dia, 98.00 hz. ( 2 hz + or – )

A Note: 23 cms dia,  110.00 hz. ( 2 hz + or – )

B Note: 20 cms dia,  123.47 hz. ( 2 Hz + or – )


Woollen Felt Strikers : 3 Pcs.  ( XXL Size – 1 pcs. , XL Size – 2 pcs. )
Leather Strikers : 3 Pc. ( XXL Size: 1 Pc., XL Size: 2 Pcs.  )
Cushion : 7 Pcs. ( XXL size – 3 pcs, XL Size – 3 pcs., L size – 1 pc. )

Anti Slip Mat : 7 Pcs.
Eco – Friendly Jute Bag: 1 Pc

Each pc. of Singing Bowl of Chakra set comes with the beautiful engraving of chakra name for an easy identification & highly specific range of IASH wooden Felt & leather strikers for professional application.

When IASH Master Chakra Singing Bowls are played with the wooden mallet, produce a rich blend of harmonic overtones & These overtones have the direct effect on the Chakra’s. That awaken a beautiful and powerful mystery. They produce the sacred sound of “AUM”.

Application: These Chakra set of Singing Bowls are specifically used for Chakra Balancing/healing 7 major energy centers of our body & is extremely helpful for people suffering from virtually any kind of critical & chronic physical, mental & emotional disorders.

Healing Benefits:

  1. Helps in reversal & healing of several critical physical, mental & Psychological Disorders

Cancer & Tumour, Diabetes Type 1 & 2, Lungs & Heart Disorders, Parkinson, Alzheimer, Drug Addiction, Infertility, Bipolar Disorder, Vision Problems, Sleep Apnea, Allergies, Piles, Depression, Anxiety, Obesity, Anorexia, Low Self-esteem, Liver or Kidney Problems, Epilepsy or other Neurological disorders.

  1. Helps to recover from comatose
  2. Heals Blood & Bone disorders
  3. Heals Hormonal Imbalance
  4. Heals Endocrinal Disorder
  5. Balancing of Chakras helps to develop following Positive qualities in life

Root Chakra: Prosperity, Success

Sacral Chakra: Creativity, Sensuality

Solar Plexus Chakra: Power, Confidence, Charisma, Strong will , Leadership
Heart Chakra: Love, Trust, Compassion

Throat  Chakra: Truth, Expression, Communication’

Third Eye Chakra: Vision, Intuition, Insight & Clairvoyance

Crown Chakra: Wisdom, Intelligence, Bliss

  1. Spiritual Enligtenment



Applicable in IASH SOUND Therapies :

  1. Chakra Balancing ,
  2. Professional Sound Healing: Highly effective & applicable in Sound healing to help people suffering from several kinds of critical Physical, Mental & Psychological disorders
  3. Spiritual Enlightenment
  4. Guided Meditations & Group Healing Sessions
  5. Musical Concerts.

Highly recommended for : One & All i.e  Health Care Professionals , Spiritual Seekers, Musicians, Students, Home Makers etc. or any individual willing to apply the magical,  medicinal & sacred vibrations of this divine SOUND healing tool for self care & development.

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