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Overcome Addiction Workshop

Overcome Addiction Workshop

Those who are dealing with chemical dependencies, such as alcohol, drug, cigarette or even caffeine addiction, can ease the symptoms of addiction and withdrawal through SOUND meditation. If you are quitting a chemical addiction your body will undergo periods of anxiety, stress, and tension. You may feel mental or emotional symptoms of withdrawal as well. IASH SOUND Healing & Meditation can help you overcome both the physical and mental effects of chemical dependency and withdrawal, helping you quit the substance in a safe and effective manner.

IASH SOUND therapies can help you deal with the physiological and mental effects of chemical dependency. Since most people develop a chemical dependency to cover up or deal with an underlying problem, it is important to address the original situation as well. Meditation may be used to provide a therapeutic response to the underlying cause that led to the chemical dependency.


By dealing with the underlying issues that have caused you to have pain, sorrow, or anger you will remove the need for the addiction. That doesn’t mean, however, that the problem is solved. Once you deal with the root issue, you will still need to deal with the physical addiction that is in place as a result of the chemical dependency.


SOUND Meditation should not replace any therapies or medications that have been prescribed by your health care provider, but it should definitely complement it. Over time, your health care worker may feel that you have made enough progress and recommend that any prescription medications prescribed to treat the chemical dependency may be decreased or even stopped.


Meditation is a vitally important tool that can help ease chemical dependency by dealing with the underlying emotional cause as well as the physical effects of addiction, dependency, and withdrawal. Regular IASH SOUND Healing & meditation can be used for the long term to help prevent relapse as well.

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