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Roshan Bahar

Roshan Bahar

Sound Healer

Roshan Bahar is a trained Sound Healer with advanced qualifications and experience in the field. She is a Sound Healing coach, trainer and counselor. Among other institutions, she is also attached to Kaivaliyadham Headquarters in Lonavla where she conducts sessions for large groups of Indian & foreign seekers. Roshan is passionate about alternative methods of healing and sustaining good health comprehensively covering body, mind and spirit as an integrated and only effective method. Roshan has over 25 years of experience in alternate healing. Her knowledge of integrated methods comes from advanced training in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing,Access Consciousnesses , Rebirthing Breadthwork, Pranayama, Behavioral and Educational Kinesiology and Healing with Bach Flower Remedies. She has worked with students, teachers and patients both in India and abroad. Roshan is committed to reliance on all things natural and organic. She believes that nature has equipped the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies to repair all imbalances that occur because of lifestyle influences.She employs this conviction in all her healing and counseling practices. Roshan is a trained Interior Designer and has worked internationally on large projects for a couple of decades. She gave up her profession to commit herself to doing good for people. Roshan lives in Pune currently.
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